Transformers the last Knight, Megatron returns?

According to the mysterious video that went viral last week, Michael Bay has provided us with a look at a villain or not just any villain but what appears to be a returning Megatron.


The reveal has caused a stir among diehard Transformers fans due to Megatron returning and not Galvatron which would have made the more logical choice given the last film Transformers Age of Extinction, ah Michael Bay you’ve did it again. The official page of Hasbro Transformers posted an image not long after featuring the Decepticon symbol as well as the caption “Megatron will Return”.


So let the speculation begin as filming for Transformers the Last Knight get’s underway.

MMA Star Kimbo Slice dies at 42

Popular Mix Martial Artist and internet sensation Kimbo Slice died at age 42 on Monday. Bellator MMA has reported.

Kevin Ferguson aka Kimbo Slice was hospitalized early on Monday for reasons unknown in Margate Florida and police suspect no foul play yet the cause of death is still uncertain.

Kimbo Slice last fought at Bellator 149 on February 19th and won against Dhafir Harris aka Dada5000 but the fight hasn’t been recorded officially and was deemed a no contest because Slice was found not fit in the wellness policy and tested positive for anabolic steroids and high levels of Testosterone.

Kimbo Slice became an internet sensation before becoming a professional fighter by stepping into the cage, his success came on the streets of Miami where he would challenge anyone to a street fight and became known as the online king of bare knuckle street fighting in the early and mid-2000’s.



The hard hitting Slice soon become loved in the MMA community after having fought for the UFC and being a contestant in the Ultimate Fighter and was currently signed under Bellator MMA as one of their headliners.

The MMA community is truly devastated by the loss of Ferguson and was described as a professional family man by his friends.

Slice was scheduled to headline Bellator 158 on July 16th in London.

Our 15 Best Horror movies of the 80’s and early 90’s with killer soundtracks

No Horror movie is complete without a Bone Chilling soundtrack to accompany the Gore but the 80’s and early 90’s were not only known for their Gore but also the signature sound’s of in particular the 80’s with its heavy and hard rock Metal so lets take a look at some of the very best from that time period which still manage to hold today and in some cases, we have included two songs per Horror movie such as Friday the 13th as it’s difficult to just go with one so enjoy.


15. Trioxin theme (The Return of the living dead) (1985)

The Trioxin theme is performed and composed by Francis Haines and is the main theme for the 1985 horror comedy which tells the story of  three men who accidently unleash a canister containing a corpse and a deadly airborne toxin onto an unsuspecting town which in turn gives way to brain eating zombies and then hilarity ensues as a group of kids get trapped into the mix.

14. Shocker main title theme (shocker) (1989)

Shocker, a 1989 horror film from the legendary Wes Craven follows the story of notorious serial killer Horace Pinker played by Mitch pileggi of X-files and Sons of Anarchy fame, a television repairman who gets put to death via the electric chair only to return and torment Jonathan parker played by peter berg, the ex football player who turned him in to the authorities. The main title theme was done by the dudes of wrath.


13. Main title theme (Killer clowns from outer space) (1988)

The Killer clowns from outer space is a sci-fi horror comedy film from 1988 and the plot centers around a bunch of aliens from outer space who disguise themselves as clowns to terrorize a small town and to enslave them. The main title theme was done by the band, the dickies.


12. Children of the Night (Maniac cop 2) (1990)

Children of the Night, a song performed by Buddy Miles follows the story of Matt Cordell played by the late Robert Z’Dar who gets sent to prison for his brutality and ends up getting killed violently inside only to return back from the dead as a supernatural killer cop to exact Vengeance and in the sequel he teams with a serial killer in times square to wreak havoc.


11. The Beast Inside inside (Night of the demons) (1988)

The night of the demons is a supernatural horror film from 1988 and follows a group of teens who party at an abandoned funeral parlor on Halloween night only for some great evil to awaken and its demonic forces keep the party-goers from leaving as their lives are turned into a living hell. The Beast inside was written and performed by Dennis Micheal Tenney.


10. Bump In the Night (Witchboard) (1986)

Bump in the Night performed by Steel Breeze is featured in the supernatural horror film Witchboard which was released in 1986 and follows the story of a woman who takes a liking to her friends Ouija  board when he brings it to her party.


9. Darkest side of the Night (Friday the 13th part VIII , Jason takes Manhattan) (1989)

The Song that is heard in the beginning of the film where a boat bound for New York takes Horror icon Jason Vorhees along for the ride to unleash terror on the big apple.


8. Love is a Lie (Friday the 13th the Final Chapter) (1984)

After being severely wounded in the previous film, Jason Vorhees is taken to the morgue where he revives and marches on to a killing spree as he heads back to where it all started, Camp Crystal Lake. The song Love is a Lie was performed by Lion.


7. Dream Warriors (A Nightmare on Elm street 3, Dream Warrriors ) (1987)

A song with the same sub title, Dream warriors is a song performed by Dokken which also used clips from the said movie itself which follows the story of the victims who survived Freddy kruegar, learn to take back their dreams back in order to put an end to Freddy Krueger once and for all.


6. Running from this Nightmare (A Nightmare on Elm Street 4, the Dream Master) (1988)

Running from this Nightmare or simply Nightmare is the lead track from the 4th installment in the Nightmare on elm street horror movie franchise by Tuesday Knight who also happens to star in the same film as the lead. The song is heard at the very beginning of the film and sets the tone for the rest of the movie which follows the returning Freddy Kruegar once again terrorize the remaining dream warriors.


5. Hellraiser (Hellraiser 3, Hell on Earth) (1992)

Motorhead’s version of Hellraiser was used in the third installment of the Franchise with the same name including a music video with clips of the movie thrown in, This version has minor differences in lyrics but it’s the version we prefer and sets the tone of the movie quite well where a newly unbound pinhead and his army of hell must be sent back by an investigative reporter.


4. Dancin on Midnight (Halloween 5, the Revenge of Michael Myers) (1989)

Dancin on Midnight was performed by White Sister for the fifth installment of the Halloween horror franchise which see’s the Horror icon Michael Myers who happens to be an escaped mental patient wearing a mask return to Haddonfield in order to kill his now mute niece.


3. WIN in the End (Teen Wolf) (1985)

A weirdly inspirational song from the 1985 horror comedy Teen wolf which was performed by Mark Safan, the movie centers around a struggling high school student who finds out his family has an odd little secret when he finds himself transforming into a Werewolf.


2. I still Believe (The Lost Boys) (1987)

The Song is done by Tim Capello and is from the original motion picture soundtrack to the Lost Boys, a Horror comedy movie centered around two brothers who after moving to a new town discover that it is a hotbed for Vampires starring the likes of Jason Patrick and keifer Sutherland. The song comes along mid movie during the camp-fire scene and according to many is the most memorable scene in the movie


1. Cry little Sister (The Lost Boys) (1987)

Sometimes a movie has more than one memorable song and in this case, the main theme from The Lost Boys called Cry Little Sister performed by Gerard McMann. The Title theme according to the performer represents the longing for a family from a rejected youths perspective so in essence this song sets the tone for the movie perfectly.



All soundtracks and movies belong to their respectful owners.

AMC’s Preacher Pilot Review

AMCs promising new show has already been released online and you don’t have to be fan of the cult comic to enjoy it’s adaption on screen.

Preacher’s pilot starts in space with a comet heading towards earth and the comet oddly sounds like a crying baby where it ends up going to Africa and disrupting a congregation by hitting the preacher, the whole congregation believed that it was a miracle and so did the preacher when he woke up only to go “boom” and spraying his remains all over the congregation.

Preacher has a dark tone right from the start and not to mention  the violence  begins from the start.

Photo: AMC – Dominic Cooper as Jesse Custer

Meet the Preacher

The main character is Jesse Custer played by Dominic Cooper, a man who has returned to his home town in Texas to take on the role his father left as Preacher of the all Saints congregational. His character shows that the Preacher has demons of his own with a past he can’t forget. Jesse sets the tone of his character to be withdrawn and coping with the help of alcohol and what exactly did that past in tale is yet to be revealed but a vague idea was presented in the episode with the introduction of Tulip played by Ruth Negga who was witness to the Preachers past, conflicted Jesse Custer was determined to turn tail and move away from home again but the strange baby noise comet ends up hitting Jesse and how he didn’t go boom.

What was funny in the episode was reports when Jesse was in the bar of how tom cruise just blew up outside the church of scientology, that was a kick and the kind of humour we like, no seriously we do.

As the violence starts from the onset of the show one does wonder about the lack of blood shown in the show because the comic is too generous in that department.

Meet the Vamp

Photo: AMC – Joseph Gilgun as Cassidy

The Introduction of Cassidy played by Joseph Gilgun was great, Cassidy is a strange Irishman who apparently is a vampire, his introduction scene on the plane was good and a little bloody especially the going skydiving and going splat in the end. He ends up literally falling from the sky and ending up in the Preachers town where he meets him in a Bar.

There is dark humour in the show which can be seen from the get-go, the adaption has already set the tone in its pilot and has engaged the viewers. Cast performances by the actors are very well played out as it seems they have adapted to their characters from the first episode.


Photo: AMC – The Cast of Preacher

We’re excited to see how the show plays out and expect more blood and gore, and it’s interesting to know that Seth Rogen is a producer on the show and actually pushed for its television adaption as he is a big fan of the comic books. The Pilot left us keen to know the Preachers story and how Cassidy came to be a vampire and have already been infatuated by the characters.

The shows main tagline is “A Preacher enlists the help of a vampire to find God”, just by that it’ll be interesting to see how that plays out as it should be thrilling for the comic fans and for new viewers alike. Preacher returns on AMC on June 5th.


Verdict : 4.5/5.0

Our Top TEN Coolest Decepticon Transformers Ever

The Transformers Franchise houses many a Cool cast and a Fond memory for almost every kid growing up in the 80’s. Its Cast of Character’s, both Autobots and Decepticons is Immense and has a place in every kid’s heart, so narrowing it down to a list of the Coolest Decepticons was a bit Difficult but we still managed so here’s a look at what we feel, are the Coolest Decepticons ever.



Astrotrain is a Decepticon Triple Changer with the ability to alternate between three modes, a Space Shuttle, a Steam Locomotive and his Robot Form. Astrotrain is known to love confusing his enemies and can change size to accommodate his Decepticon comrades. A Bot with a one track mind who im sure needs to get a kick somewhere while transporting his Decepticon brethren.

9. DEVASTATORDevastator

The Combined form or Gestalt of the Constructicons comprising of Scrapper, Scavenger, hook, long haul, Bonecrusher and Mixmaster, all cool in their own right but once they combine to form Devastator, all hell breaks loose. Although a Powerful Warrior, he lacks something upstairs but that’s ok given he does exactly what Megatron wants him to do and that is wreak Havoc on the Autobots.



Trypticon is a larger Deception Transformer with a Tyrannosaurus like appearance but is also known as Decepticon city, his Alternate mode is that of a Battle Station and Decepticon city much like his Autobot counterpart Metroplex who have always had a rivalry. Although Huge in Size and Power, he is also a bit dimwitted according to at least one Continuity such as the 80’s Animated Series.



Octane is another Triple Changer Transformer with the ability to transform into a Tanker Truck and a Boeing 767 jet. A Decepticon Bully who seems to derive pleasure from other’s pain, Octane is also known for being the Decepticons Fuel carrier in charge of giving away and Storing his Comrades Fuel. Has had a few Cool moments in the 80’s Animated Series where he strikes up an Unlikely Friendship with his Autobot Counterpart Sandstorm or being scared to Death by Starscream’s Ghost.

6. BLITZWING468px-Blitzwingg1

Yet another Triple Changer Transformer, you see where I’m going with this? Ha-ha. Blitzwing can transform into a Tank and a Jet fighter. A hardened Decepticon Warrior who happens to be a jerk seems to have seen the light in the Five faces of Darkness when he discovered the Quintessons treachery to ultimately take over Cybertron and had second thoughts on fighting the Autobots, was eventually ex-communicated from the ranks of the Decepticons.



Sixshot or a One Robot Army as he is Commonly referred to is one of the first Six Changer Transformers Capable of Transforming into Six Modes, A Cybertronian Jet, a Cybertronian Car, a Laser Pistol, a Cybertronian Tank and a Flying Wolf. Sixshot is feared not only Amongst the Autobots but also within his own ranks amongst his Decepticon Brothers, capable of putting down an entire squadron of Arielbots as seen in the Transformers Headmasters Cartoon plus he also had a Killer Toy back in the 80’s.



Cyclonus is one of Galvatron’s most Loyal Soldiers, a Second in Command who has the brains to back up Galvatron’s will. Cyclonus can transform into a Cybertronian Fighter Jet and was created by Planet Devouring Unicron much like Galvatron. While Cyclonus is perfectly capable of leading the Decepticons on his own, his unwavering loyalty to Galvatron puts that suggestion quickly to rest.

3. SOUNDWAVESoundwave

Speaking of Loyalty, they do not come more Loyal than Soundwave . Although a Communications officer, his loyalty to his leader Megatron has always ensured him a place in the upper command structure of the Decepticons and also acts as a confidant of sorts to Megatron. Soundwaves alternate mode is that of a Stereo Cassette Player just like his Autobot Counterpart Blaster and much like him, has the ability to eject smaller Decepticon cassettes such as Lazerbeak , Frenzy, Ratbat and Rumble.



Starscream is a high ranking warrior amongst the Ranks of the Decepticons and is as Treacherous as he is clever plus he also happens to Harbor a Desire to Overthrow the Leader of the Decepticons Megatron. Starscream has the ability to Transform into an F-15 Fighter jet just like his partners Thundercracker and Skywarp. Starscream has managed to Lead the Decepticons on more than one Occasion but was Soundly beaten and ultimately met his End at the hands of the Re-built Megatron now known as Galvatron. Still, just for his conniving ways he manages to land into our number two spot for Coolest Decepticons ever.



Megatron is the much Feared Leader of the Decepticons who happens to transform into a Walther p38 pistol which can then be used by any of the other Decepticons to launch their attack. Megatron is Ruthless and is much respected amongst the Decepticons. Megatron after his battle with Optimus Prime in the Great War was Gravely Damaged but still Functional yet Overthrown by Starscream who later Returned Re-built as the Mighty Galvatron at the hands of Planet-sized Transformer Unicron. Galvatron while Intelligent and just as ruthless as Megatron also has an Issue with his Sanity which only got worse when he was thrown into a pit of fire on Char in the Five Faces of Darkness storyline. Galvatron on the other hand can Transform into a laser cannon with immense Power. While it’s Debatable over who was cooler between the two, we would stick to the face of the Evil Deceptions as just plain old Megatron.

We hope you enjoyed this article, and in case you missed it, Our previous look at Our Top Ten Coolest Autobot Transformers can be found by clicking this link.

Our Top TEN Coolest Autobot Transformers Ever

The Transformers Franchise houses many a Cool cast and a Fond memory for almost every kid growing up in the 80’s. Its Cast of Character’s, both Autobots and Decepticons is Immense and has a place in every kid’s heart, so narrowing it down to a list of the Coolest Autobots was a bit Difficult but we still managed so here’s a look at what we feel, are the Coolest Autobots ever as part of a Two part Feature where we shall look at the Top Ten Coolest Decepticon Transformers Ever at a later date.



Bumble bee is one of the smaller Transformers and is thought of as a smaller brother in the ranks of the autobots, his vehicle mode is that of a Volkswagen beetle. While he may be small in stature, he more than makes up for it as a spy using his small form to reach places his larger sized comrades cannot plus his special fondness for the Transformers leading Human element Spike is what makes him ultimately endearing.



Often referred to as Optimus Prime’s right hand man, his special operation’s skill is often used to infiltrate the decepticons and leave them baffled at their wake, considered a music loving autobot who is vastly popular among his brothers in the Ark in most part due to his ability to speak in Slang. His Vehicle mode is that of a hardtop Pontiac Solstice GXP which makes him one of the coolest Transformers there are.



Blaster is another Transformer who’s Fondness for Earth Music as his Alternate mode suggests is that of a Stereo Cassette Player. He’s an Energetic and fun loving Transformer who shares his love for music with the people of earth and is always involved in a bitter rivalry with his Decepticon Counterpart Soundwave. Blaster much like Soundwave also has the ability to eject cassettes which in turn Transform into smaller Autobots.


Metroplex small

One of the if not the Biggest Transformer ever Created. Metroplex transforms into Autobot City, an aptly titled city for the autobots to inhabit which also functions as a huge battle station. Metroplex is even bigger in stature to other large Transformers as one of the combiner teams, Omega supreme or Fortress Maximus. In other Words, The Autobots Ultimate Weapon.



Prowl is the Autobots resident Police Officer who Transforms into a ,you guessed it, Police patrol car. Prowl is also a Military Strategist and is often described by his fellow Autobots as a bit of a Prick and doesn’t get along well with his Autobot Brothers. His Anxious personality and Strictness to follow Military Protocol does not earn him many friends but he still made it onto our list because he sure does look cool right?.



Ironhide is a Long standing soldier in Optimus Prime’s army and is very loyal to said leader, He happens to be one of the Toughest Autobots and one of the Coolest at the same time. Iron hide’s vehicle form takes on a modified GMC truck which also has a water gun where he can shoot any type of Liquid. A no nonsense Transformer, Iron hide may be Gruff but his loyalty to his Leader Optimus Prime is to be commended.



Grimlock is One of the Strongest Autobots who happens to have his own sub-team, the Dino-bots ,although not the brightest, he does make up for it in sheer brute force.His Alternate mode is that of a T-REX and is not particularly fond of the Earthlings and does not care if there are any casualties in his Power mongering ways. Arguably one of the most popular Transformers ever and has earned even the respect of their Leader Optimus Prime. Also one of the coolest, a Sure worthy addition into this list.



A loyal and Trusted Soldier In the ranks of the Autobots who feels no more than just being a Soldier. Was once handed the Autobot Matrix of Leadership due to the Death of Optimus Prime only to be killed by Megatron turned Galvatron and eventually giving way to Rodimus Prime as the New Leader of the Autobots hence why, Ultra Magnus has despite being strong and selfless has always Considered himself a Soldier above all else even though he has earned the respect of both his comrades in the Autobots as well as the Evil Decepticons. His Vehicle mode is that of freight-liner truck car carrier and is surely a welcome addition to the cool club.



Hotrod was a brash and confident Autobot with a hint of arrogance, a bit careless but he eventually matured into the Autobots new Leader Rodimus Prime who is more mature and stronger than when he was just plain old Hotrod. His Vehicle mode is a Dome zero Sports car with flames which gives him the moniker of Cool for that alone while later on when Rodimus Prime, his Alternate mode is that of a Futuristic Truck. Rodimus despite second guessing himself worthy of being the Successor to Optimus Prime has always managed to overcome expectations which earns him the number two spot on this list.



The Strongest and Wisest of all the Autobots, Prime exudes an almost Father Figure stature being Noble and Selfless plus it doesn’t hurt that he’s got a strong moral character and Sound leadership skills which has Earned him his spot as being one of the most Beloved transformers out there, even the Decepticons admire his bravery. His vehicle mode is a Freight-liner Cab-over-engine class 8 truck. Optimus Prime has a strong moral code and pushes for Peaceful co-existence with the people of earth, plus anybody who’s quote is “ Freedom is the right of all Sentient beings “ belongs on number one spot in any list and hence Optimus Prime is the Coolest Autobot or for that matter, Transformer ever.


So hope you Enjoyed the article, Take a look at our picks for the Top Ten Coolest Decepticon Transformers Ever.

WWE Superstar John Cena’s New Merchandise re-designed because of legal Threat

WWE Superstar John Cena’s new Merchandise ahead of his long awaited return to the world of sports entertainment on memorial day’s edition of Monday Night Raw was hit with a minor roadblock in the form of an American Beer company threatening legal action over the New Merchandise of John cena which was more than remarkably similar to one of their logos. Sporting the same Red, White and blue as the American flag but also looking similar to a logo that is vastly known to the consumers of Pabst Blue Ribbon beer.
They, Pabst Blue ribbon beer via their official twitter account sent out a cease and desist warning to the WWE over possible copyright infringement as seen in the following screenshot.

Image Courtesy of Twitter

So as of this past Saturday the shirt was pulled from the WWE shop website which was unable to fulfill the pre-orders of the shirt which went up shortly then and was taken down not long after WWE quickly re-introduced a brand new re-designed variation of the same shirt as seen below.

Image Courtesy of

Even though we think it was a cool take on their beer logo, but it is better to be safe than sorry even for a Mega Giant of a Corporation as the WWE.

Arrow Season Finale Review

(May Contain Spoilers)

The CW family has created some of the best superhero television shows and arrow is no exception, we’ve loved the show from the beginning and follow it closely and complement its accuracy in relation to the comic books. That being said this season of Arrow was a little disappointing and the arrow season finale was very underwhelming with no real substance to make the viewer wonder, isn’t that what TV shows should be about make us wonder for the next season?.

The season start was relatively okay and a little bearable as we already knew who the big bad was going to be and killing off Laurel Lance was a good mature move on the shows part, where the original plan was to actually kill of Captain Lance, Laurel’s father, What made the writers change that out well we won’t know. The progression towards the season finale was really slow and uninteresting, with the same scenario while John Diggle is conflicted by his brother and the on and off romance of Felicity and Oliver, the same super bad guy then maybe good guy routine by Malcolm Merlin and not to mention the flashbacks because frankly we’re a little tired of them.

What we fail to grasp but maybe the writers have better knowledge on the matter, what’s surprising was the fact that there was an imminent threat to the whole world meaning that nuclear warheads will destroy earth and everyone who inhabits earth, where were the DC superheroes? Especially the intertwined Legends of tomorrow or The Flash, whereas team Arrow just focuses on giving pep talks and having heart to hearts while doing particularly nothing else which set an overall depressing tone for the show even the finale.

The superhero meant for the common man with a great big speech in star city to stop the riots and bring the people together but frankly the speech didn’t quite cut it. Oliver tried to rally the people of star city and stop the rioting but the speech lacked substance seeming very generic not to mention halfhearted and magically it still managed to work.

Neal McDonough is a great actor and tired his best to bring Damien Darhk to life the way he was meant to be, but maybe it was the writers all along because most of Darkh’s actions didn’t really have meaning behind them, and was just your typical destroy the world kind of bad guy. Especially the hive soldiers firing blindly and rushing everywhere they went didn’t make hive seem so professional at what they do.

The last cinematic fight between the green arrow and Darhk with the city behind Oliver was underwhelming with no major moments and the fact that Arrow had to kill Darhk made it seem that Oliver’s struggle in the whole season meant nothing and suddenly it was okay for him to kill again. I remember cracking a joke at that moment, maybe the producers couldn’t afford to retain characters for appearances in the future of the show if the actors decided not to appear again, hint hint aka Death stroke.

Team Arrow really needs to go back to its glory days where it was mature and exciting to watch unlike the kind of chick show it has become, this season especially the Arrow season finale was just dreadful and left us feeling depressed with no extra thoughts on the matter afterwards. Maybe the team does need a big break and consider “finding” themselves. Let us wait for Season 5 to find out.


Verdict: 1 out of 5 (Dreadful)

Banshee Series Finale Review

The ride into Banshee has come to a end and we aren’t really happy about it. The show ending that is. Here is our take on the Banshee Series Finale

(May Contain Spoilers)

Banshee has had many ups and downs in the show and all of those ups and downs have been spectacular. It has been an insane ride for the characters and their progression, their growth to becoming the kind of characters we come to love and now will miss.

Banshee series finale was straight to the point but it would’ve been great if it would have been more than an hour’s worth but that did just fine.

Each characters story did come to an end giving us an outlook as to what they will be doing now. The biggest twist in the finale and was also justifiable, came to be that Burton was the one who killed Rebecca and it makes sense you know? As to during the last season Proctors love for Rebecca was indeed clouding his judgement and could be seen in some of their interactions together and how Rebecca did have influence over her uncle. The idea was simple for Burton, get rid of Rebecca so Proctor could be his ruthless self again.

We liked the brother story line between Bunker and Calvin but it could’ve been better, Calvin became what we expected him to become a guy who couldn’t take orders in the end, the scene between the two brothers in the end could’ve been great, but seemed like something which had to be done, especially the part where Calvin’s wife really didn’t give a crap if he died, I mean he was a good father on screen maybe even a good husband until Bunker came along so there should have been some emotional value behind the whole scenario guess we missed that part off screen.

Image: Cinemax
Image: Cinemax

The last epic fight of banshee which we’ve always love was between Hood and Burton being good but not great, we were actually expecting something along the lines of the Burton and Nola fight last season which was shot beautifully, but this fight did do justice, as far as I understand Burton and Hood never really fought in the show and was expected that they would be equally matched, the scene where Proctor had to make the choice was great especially the Darth Vader style “Nooo” in the end.


Proctors scene well was purely disappointing, we love Proctor, and he was one of the best characters in the show, the guy we hate but secretly love and want to be. The fact that Proctor was confused due to Rebecca’s death was okay and the idea of him having nothing else to live for wasn’t really justified and it felt just like that, but the scene towards his doom did show that he wanted to go out, but he could’ve gone out a better way which we would’ve liked he didn’t get a badass ending which he deserved.

Carrie finally got some kind of peace in the series finale, the idea in her head to avenge her husband’s death lead towards Proctors downfall which was a little badass, if we think about it she was the one who eventually shut down Proctor and put a mark on his head while Job was finally getting his groove back by helping her out.

The show’s creators have always kept the riddle as to Hoods true identity and I guess they didn’t come up with a way to reveal it in an impactful way, the idea of leaving the show not knowing Hood’s real name is both exciting and confusing, I was looking forward to find out who hood really was but like in life, somethings never come to pass.

Banshee will be truly missed as it was one of our favourite shows, the series finale ended with the good guys standing and the bad guys gone biding a farewell to an amazing show.

Our Top Video Games Magazines ever

Before the Age of the Internet, there were simply more how shall we say it? Physical options, where people could hold their favorite books and yes, even video games magazines. Sure you can do all that now on Tablets and Cellphones via PDF but its not the same, so let’s take a look at the Authors Top Publications Dedicated to Video games.

6. Game informer


Game informer is a Monthly magazine in the US owned by Video game Retailer, Game Stop Corp with the first issue coming out in 1991. It Covers Reviews and Previews as well as Exclusive interviews with some of the Top Developers and Industry Personal, it also has some of the Best Breaking Exclusives and Cover Stories as well as an Online Website called Gameinformer.

5. GamePro


GamePro was an American Multi-format video game magazine where the first issue came out in 1989 with their last publication being their winter 2011 issue. Famous for its Pro-tips section and also the editors using comic book avatars for their editorials and reviews as well as a Buyers Beware Section , It has a Fond place in many a gamer’s heart since the Era of the Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo Game Systems.

4. Games Master


Games Master Magazine is a UK based Multi platform Gaming and PC mag . It was launched in 1993. Known for its news and reviews, games posters and awarding the Gold award to high Scoring Video games, It is known to be an entertaining read and especially with all the cool stuff you get such as posters, cards and other free merchandise. It even had its own tv show with the same name but which no longer exists but the publication is still running.

3. PSM (Official PlayStation Magazine)


Another Favorite which used to be simply called PSM until its Parent company Future Publishing decided to brand it close to its uk Counter part of the same name. The publication was dedicated to all things PlayStation with the first issue releasing In 1997 with final fantasy 7 on the cover, A popular magazine for PlayStation Enthusiasts and a personal favourite of the author, which ended its run with the Christmas 2012 issue.

2. PlayStation Official Magazine UK (OPM)


A Monthly publication with reviews and previews and other cool merchandise such as posters, thumb sticks and the Demo Disc. The Publication is the only Magazine dedicated to PlayStation still running although to many a gamer’s disappointment, the demo disc was removed. The Magazine was launched in 1995 to coincide with the Original PlayStation Console’s Launch in the UK, later on it was re-branded to the official PlayStation 2 magazine and back again and even had its short lived spin off called Essential PlayStation.

1. Electronic Gaming Monthly (EGM)


Perhaps the most popular Video gaming Magazine in Existence, which covered industry events, top news and reviews and previews as well as interviews with some of the industry’s finest. The Publication Launched in 1989 and even had its own Sister Publication known simply as EGM2 from 1994 to 1998. A website and Podcast, years later was Created also, known as It also had its Wildly Popular Sushi-X editor/Mascot.

So there you have it our top picks for the best video games magazines of all time, It’s Sad that Some of these Publications are no longer active due to a Decline in readership or the rise of the Digital age but the Memories shall Remain especially when you, like me, have a Collection to fall back on.