Battlefield 5 Review

World war 2 Mayhem.
The setting: World war 2. Multiple places and conflicts and four classes to choose from.


Battlefield 5 is a game that’s worth a review in 2022. It is a game still very popular, and loved by a both faithful, and the new gamer waiting to test his/her new rig. The graphics are breathtaking, there’s decent frames, and the game mechanics and gameplay are as smooth as silk. It’s a great game and has a lot of playtime sitting there just waiting for you. It’s a great way to kill time, have fun, pop in for a few rounds.



I have to say, the gameplay leaves nothing to be desired by a gamer in the trained eye. You have to have a taste for video games to truly appreciate battlefield 5. I mean, it’s not the perfect game, it’s not the acme of gaming, but it is a lot of fun. And a lot of it. If you have a decent mouse-aim, and can get enough kills. I mean, who doesn’t like kills in shooters, right?


There are four classes available. There are four classes: the machine-gunner, the medic, the support engineer and the sniper. Each class is given there own set of weapons to choose from. You bring a weapon to you, prefereabbly something you’re good at to the battleground, and well, as you do in moost shooters…. You start shooting away hoping for some kills.


There’s some strategy to this game. You gotta make sure you’re outsmarting your enemy at every given point and turn, making sure that you get to stay alive long enough for you to kill the bad-guy. I mean, the point of shooters right? If you do happen to go down, there’s a small period of time where you are just lying down, on the ground, waiting for a medic to show up and revive you. You have the option of holding on for dear life, or letting go and dying. Only to redeploy elsewhere and start the whole shoot-shoot-kill-die scenario all over again. The game is straight-forward enough for anyone to pick it up and start shooting. It doesn’t quite bog a user down with multiple and excessive controls so you’re confused about what you’re doing. Too many controls in a game, especially a shooter, is a bad move on behalf of a game developer, IMHO. It does depend on the type of game, but I prefer a fast paced action game to be just that: fast paced, and fun.


the game has a story system set up into story-nodes. Where you complete missions and battles in multiplayer to complete story nodes, and is a creative way to keep the story going.



This game is definitely worth picking up on steam, or our own store. You can find it here. It’s cheap too, when it’s on sale when it comes to the Steam or Origin Store. It offers a lot of fun and time-passing-something-to-do for your buck. The game on the bottom line: worth it. Word of warning though: there are cheaters in this game. And yes, one cheater usually ruins an entire game-instance unless he’s taken care of and reported.



Elite Dangerous – Review

There are games, then there are phenoms. This game qualifies as … well… both. It’s a game. But it’s a phenom. Yay!

Elite dangerous takes place in the political universe of the Federation, Alliance, and the Empire. Power shifts, ousts, Planetary system disbalances, turmoil, Lockdowns, and further expansions by political powers make this game an interesting gem in my collection of computer games.

Elite Dangerous is a Space Simulator. And a dune buggy simulator….

This game is in close “competition” to Star Citizen. An Upcoming simulator from the future. Although it is the future now, considering Star Citizen took and IS taking 10 years + to build. Really now. And it’s not exactly out yet, but They’re working on it. Still are…. Working…. On…. It. Yup.

So elite dangerous is a space and dune buggy simulator. There are 400 billion Star systems to explore. Each system is complete with All The bells and whistles like Black Holes, Nubulae, different classes of stars, and even planets! Yup! Lets not forget planets. Here’s another kicker, the planets? You can LAND ON THEM. So that makes the playing space of ED cover 400 billion STAR systems. AND over 400 million? Billion? Planets you can land on. I mean, talk about romantic rendezvous with your wife or girlfriend off in the corner of the galaxy, to have some tea, or dinner. Or something.

This game constitutes a grand ol’ universe. There are 3 game modes, sure, but it doesn’t mean you’re loading the game in a different aspect of it’s programming so you can, say, get some mining done, or trading etc. But it comes as one big computer game, where you can get some trading done, or fancy a nice quiet night mining away at minerals. Or explore the galaxy. I set out on an exploration trip a few days ago, and actually discovered systems that still hadn’t been discovered. I mean, wow. The playing place is HUGE.

And lets not stop at huge. It’s realistic. Pretty real. And it gets real too. With all the griefers, and PVP and the PVE.

This game is highly recommended for players that just wanna fly around and have a dynamic helping on their plate. Food. Yep. Like food. Like pizza. I’m ordering some tonight. The combat is really really fun. Like the pizza. And speaking of pizza, star citizen is like that pizza I speak of. It’s not out yet, but hey, I’m looking  forward to that too. Just sadly enuff, it’s buried in controversy, because somebody can’t decide on the appropriate toppings on that pizza. That pizza—— I’ll shut up. Wait. Yeah. Star citizen. It’s going to be good when it gets here.

There’s only one disappointment with E.D. that disappointment is that it does not have a first person module/mode. You can’t get out of your ship and/or buggy and walk around. That would be really awesome-cool if that were incorporated to the game itself. It would be nice. Just like pizza. I’ll order chicken wings too.

So, furthermore. Oh! And Pepsi! Forgot the pepsi. BUY ELITE DANGEROUS. It’s worth it. It’s an order of food you just NEED TO HAVE.

The List of Ps4 games Optimised for Ps4 Pro at Launch Revealed

With the launch of the ps4 pro fast approaching on November 10th 2016, sony has revealed the list of ps4 games to be optimised for its launch with more than thirty games said to be optimised plus with more than forty five games said to be optimised by the end of 2016.

The ps4 pro offers enhanced visuals via a CPU and GPU boost and resolutions of upto 4K and HDR imaging technology and more stable framerates.

The following thirty games will take advantage of the ps4 pro’s increased power and performance set for the Official launch on Thursday November the 10th 2016.

Battlefield 1



Call of Duty: Black ops 3

Call of Duty: Infinite warfare

Call of Duty: Modern warfare remastered

Deus ex : Mankind divided

Dishonered 2

Driveclub VR

EA sports Fifa 2017




Hustle kings

Infamous First light

Infamous Second son


Mafia 3

Mantis burn racing

Middle earth: Shadow of Mordor

Neon chrome

NBA 2k17


PlayStation VR Worlds

Rez infinite

Ratchet and Clank

Rigs Mechanized Combat league

Rise of the Tomb raider

Robinson: The Journey


Super Stardust Ultra

The Elder scrolls online: Tamriel unlimited

The Elder scrolls: Skyrim special edition

The Last of Us remastered

The Last of Us: Left behind


The Playroom VR

Titanfall 2

Uncharted 4: a Thief’s end

Until Dawn: Rush of blood

Viking squad

Wheels of Aurelia

World of Tanks


Including the games above, an additional forty five games plus will be optimised through the end of 2016, games such as Watch dogs 2 and the Last Guardian, with more to follow in 2017 such as Resident Evil 7.

Games such as Horizon Zero Dawn and Days gone will also include the enhancements as well as all the games slated for 2017 and going forward.








Nintendo Switch announced

Nintendo recently revealed its new home gaming system formerly titled the Nintendo NX and now known as the Nintendo Switch, with the system’s main feature being able to play the same games with whomever and wherever at any time as well as single and multiplayer functionality.

It’s a hybrid of a home console and a handheld gaming device, while gaming at home the Nintendo Switch rests in the Nintendo Switch dock that connects the system to the tv so you could play in your own living room with family and friends and so by lifting the dock and plugging it into the controller, the Nintendo Switch instantly becomes a handheld device so you can take it with yourself anywhere and game on the go.

courtesy of NVIDIA.COM

The game being played on your big screen will now be ported over to the small screen allowing it to transition seamlessly to a handheld device, something no console maker has managed to do successfully in the past.

More about the Nintendo Switch is slated to be revealed earlier next year and so far the hardware has been reported to be a bit weaker than rivals Sony and Microsoft’s respective consoles even though the Nintendo’s new system is powered by NVIDIA technology as well as having questions about the Nintendo Switch’s battery life which could be a concern.

The Nintendo Switch’s portable functionality in action

With Nintendo’s recent decision to halt production on Nintendo’s previous console the Wii-u, this is a crucial time for Nintendo and it needs a big win on its hands as the Wii-u was a flop with the final Nintendo manufactured Wii-u rolling out the factory this coming Friday, an end to a troubled console ceasing production after four years.

More questions are on gamer’s minds such as what titles will the new handheld device launch with? As the only confirmed Nintendo Switch game is the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and we also know that multiple third party developers and publishers like Konami, Ubisoft and Bethesda are backing the new hybrid gaming system with versions of Skyrim and NBA 2k17 showing up in the Nintendo Switch’s presentation trailer.

And is the new Nintendo system backwards compatible with past Nintendo consoles? Will the device’s screen be touchscreen?we know at least according to an insider that the Nintendo Switch has 4GB of ram and 32GB of internal storage, All will hopefully be answered early next year as more info is set to be revealed and more features discussed and also as we get closer to its March 2017 release date.

Red Dead Redemption Sequel being teased : UPDATE :

Rockstar games, the maker of the hit Grand theft Auto series seems to be hinting at the long awaited sequel to its hit open world western Red Dead Redemption by going all red on its Official website and social media accounts.

image courtesy of Rockstar Games

The speculation comes after Rockstar games updated its Official website with a red splash screen, as well as updating the Twitter account of Rockstar games to resemble the same.

from the Official Twitter account of Rockstar games

So could this be Rockstar games teasing something to be revealed soon? Keep it here for more as there is sure to be a follow up to this in the coming days and weeks with the sequel being highly likely now given the red splash screen which kind of makes it obvious but all they need now is to make it Official.

courtesy of Rockstar games

: Update : so it would appear that Rockstar games has posted another image on Twitter which you can see above which all but confirms what appears to be a group of Cowboys appearing out of the Sunset.

Xbox One Outsold Ps4 in September

Xbox One was the best-selling console in the United States in September according to the NDP group as it seems that Sony’s recently launched Slim version of the Ps4 wasn’t enough to stop the Xbox One’s newfound momentum.

The Xbox One S

So this was the third month in a row Microsoft has had an advantage in sales over rival Sony and Nintendo beating out their respective consoles but can Microsoft keep this going as we head into the fall period where the real test for sales come? As the Ps4 has been pretty dominant up to this point.

The Ps4 Slim

The Xbox one’s sudden surge is all due to the slimmer Xbox One which was introduced recently and by more aggressive marketing and price cuts, and after a short while Sony introduced their own slimmed down version of the Ps4 in September but with sales being a little lacking probably due to most gamers eagerly awaiting the beefed up spec Ps4 Pro out in November 2016.

Bill Goldberg vs Brock Lesnar rematch set

Former WCW Champion Bill Goldberg is set to return to the WWE after almost 12 years being away from the big leagues as he faces the Beast incarnate Brock Lesnar in a rematch from their WrestleMania 20 Encounter in 2004.

Goldberg putting the spear to Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 20

With the former WCW Champion and Longest streak owning Bill Goldberg set to respond to the challenge laid out by Brock Lesnar’s advocate Paul Heyman on WWE Raw this coming Monday.

Now why would Bill Goldberg want to do this at almost 49 years of age? For one it’s basically foreshadowing as being involved with the WWE 2K Series of video games often leads to some Legends of the sport’s entertainment industry being involved in some way as it appears the video game deal seems to smooth things over if there has been any animosity in the past between WWE and Legendary talent such as with the Ultimate Warrior for past games and with next year’s game rumored to involve the Olympic gold medalist Kurt Angle in some form, in any case the former WCW Champ also wants this done so that his son could watch him wrestle for the first time.

Brock Lesnar stretches Goldberg as special ref Stone Cold Steve Austin looks on in their encounter from WrestleMania 20

This dream match many thought would not happen again especially in this day and age is most likely taking place at the WWE Survivor Series event on the WWE Network in November 2016. It certainly is intriguing where this storyline is heading and it appears things have been smoothed over between Bill Goldberg and the leader in Sports Entertainment, the WWE.

Titanfall 2 director posts a picture of the retail PS4 disc, hilarity ensues

The director for soon to be released Mech action game Titanfall 2 Drew McCoy posted a picture of the PS4 version of the game on Twitter, the same disc gamer’s will get their hands on soon but as it would have it, Xbox One owners were none too pleased.

Xbox One users started accusing Drew McCoy of being biased towards Sony’s hardware but we all know that’s not the case, as the original Titanfall showed up on Xbox One exclusively.

The Titanfall 2 disc in question via Twitter

The drama was caused because of a tweet from a Microsoft user who said he preferred the Xbox One disc better to which Drew McCoy replied, “Green disc’s aren’t sexy“.

In any case, both owners of PS4 and Xbox One will be able to enjoy the game this month as it releases on October 28th  2016, this being the first time Titanfall has appeared on a Sony platform.

Resident Evil 7 Exclusive to PSVR for 12 months

With the impending launch of Sony’s Virtual Reality headset the PSVR, it was just revealed that the latest installment in the Resident Evil Franchise or Biohazard as it is known in japan is set to be an exclusive for said hardware for 12 months.

While Capcom has always shown the Virtual Reality Survival horror game running on PlayStation hardware as well as releasing a playable demo for it on the PlayStation Network a while ago, it was through reddit that an advertisement of its exclusivity showed up on Facebook as you can see below.

The Facebook advertisement via Reddit

Now what other hardware could the game show up on after its 12 months of exclusivity has run out? The HTC VIVE and Oculus Rift come to mind, we shall know more shortly.