CM Punk and the UFC Journey

Phil “CM Punk” Brooks is one of the biggest names in the wrestling world and his transition in to MMA would be seen very soon at UFC 203 would Punk overcome the doubters and win his debut with no prior experience?

Anyone who has followed WWE knows that CM Punk was a huge part of the organization bringing about Charisma everyone hopes to possess in the entertainment world. Many credit Punk to bring about the “shoot” era in wrestling, where once everything was hidden behind the curtains would now creep through it by the wrestlers and even commentators, but what’s important to understand is, even if Punk may seem like a guy who only looks out for himself, he was and still is a role model for many individuals around the world because of his straight edge lifestyle, inspiring others to follow in the drug free lifestyle.

Punk started his career as a backyard wrestler and slowly making his way to in independence scene around the country. Punk has always been a slim and lean guy and wasn’t ever concerned as a top guy in the wrestling world before making his mark. Even WWE was sceptical as “smaller guys” aren’t really on Vince Mcmahons mind to “push”, being persistent, talented and charismatic CM Punk is one of the longest reigning champions in WWE history.

Before Punks fight against Mickey Gall the UFC started a short series about Punks journey and transition into the world of MMA, in my opinion UFC made a smart business move with the series changing people’s perception towards his ability to get into the octagon.

The guy has been training hard there’s no doubt about that, but reports even came out that Punk was mostly losing his amateur sparring bouts in the gym and reportedly he only won one out of 16 sparring sessions.

Wrestlers are beginning to considering MMA especially the UFC as a new career path, Wrestling plays a huge role in MMA and wrestling can dominate their opponents on the mat, the biggest WWE transition of course is Brock Lesnar with Dave Bautista giving the sport a try as well.

Punk is determined to succeed and says that the bright lights and a huge crowd won’t one of Punks problems saying “I will not be a footnote”.

Mickey Gall is new to professional MMA but still has years of experience over Punk and a few professional fight wins under his belt and Punk has no experience and no wins professional even in the amateur MMA circuit.

So is it wise for CM punk to head into battle without ever firing a gun? We’ll just have to wait and see.

As far as the logical reasoning here is, it’s a great business decision and will potentially bring a good payday for the UFC, but if Punk loses that could be the end of his MMA career as the stakes are too high, but if he wins he could be lucky enough to get a title shot after a few bouts like Lesnar who knows.

Gall has a great opportunity, he could be known as the guy who beat CM Punk on his UFC debut.

NVIDIA GTX 1060 Review. (Gigabyte G1 Gaming)

So I just bought a 1060 gtx graphics card. The Gigabyte version. Yes, the gaming one. And it’s pretty super-awesome-cool, I gotta tell ya.

for the record:




SO this graphics card I bought for personal use. IT’s for gaming. I had a former 750 GTX I upgraded from. And it turns out that this SACUG graphics card not only just cuts it, it takes the cake. Mulshes it, and leaves an awesome after-taste. It looks good, in your rig, the benchmarks are beyond decent, and yes, I call it my SUPER AWESOME COOL ULTRA GO Card. It’s like a Japanese movie that you just can’t let go of. Or  live down. JUDO CHOP!

So furthermore, here are some benchmarks. SIX GIGABYTES of onboard VIDEO RAM?!?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME? We, apparently, have come a long way from the 1 and 2 gigabyte onboard RAM days, eh? SIX is adequate for ALL the games that are currently out. IF the 1060 is THIS powerful, what does this mean for the gaming industry? What does the future hold? You know that guy that does the voice for the twilight zone like intro? What lurks in the dark tresses of the future that lights up our age? (I just said tresses… oh, fret! Fret fret fret). Hmmmm.



The card sports clocks of

Boost: 1847 Mhz. Base Clock 1620 Mhz in OC mode.

Boost : 1809 Mhz, Base Clock of 1594 in Gaming Mode.

Memory: 8008 Mhz.

Artchitechure: 16nm Processor. Pascal. Huddathunkit? That… erm…. Rascal. Right? Ugh. Continuing on.

Bit Interface: 192 Bit.

PIN : 1x 8 pin connector.

Power supply RECOMMENDED: 400 Watts.


So, that’s a lot. Yup. Wow. Super cool.



With the new graphics cards this year having arrived with 3, 6 and 8 gig configurations, I think the Textures that load up when you launch any game these days just got better. And the clocks on all the graphics cards aren’t bad either. The data push through the BUS, that is. It can handle a lot of thorough-put, a lot of data transfer, and a lot of luvin’ and eye candy.

With all these games, Direct X 12, for example, have exceeded graphics expectations of many a people, in our age. Currently. I, for one, Consider Battlefront (the new one) total candy to the eyes. And this card runs the game beautifully, and without a single hic, or stutter. WOW.

And as the future unfolds, textures sizes are going to be larger, hence you gotta push more through the graphics BUS, but y’know what gets to me? Why 192 bit? Why not 256? And why does this graphics card NOT support SLI? Bummer. It would’ve been really cool if it was SLI compatible.

I predict a change of era for gaming.  Seeing this graphics card is MSRP 200 – 250 dollars, I believe the market and the “game” for developers is going to get a complete overhaul. DOOM @ 200 fps. (palm@jaw) really?

And with the advent of Virtual Reality. Sure, VR needs more work to maintain the 90 fps for a smooth experience. And this graphics does well. Really well.



I personally scored an 8.9 on the VR test…. Y’know, the one with STEAM written all over it. Ah, beloved steam. You gotta love how I now have a cool tick-mark on… where it says vr ready. SEE? THAT COOL.

Here are some benchmarks from the HIGH END graphics card website, that I’m sure you ALL consult before you go dropping cash on graphics cards. Or just to watch when you need that sense and lift-me-up for the day. Oh! Look! My graphics card is better than [x], and it’s just that cool! Siiiiiiiiigh. (of relief.) YES! (and the SUPER-awesome-cool-ultra-go card, the 1060, doesn’t leave much when it comes to get-off material.







This is the part where the rap breaks down. It’s real intense, no one makes a sound. I’m an emenem ripoff, is the card worth the pound? ( it’s mandatory to be from the UK for this sort of business. If you’re from America, you can’t rap this. Dollars. Geddit?)

So anyway, the price is decent. I bought mine for 389 dollars. This card, was 250 dollars, MSRP. But I reasoned the way that import costs, and them shipping charges would equate the card for the same price, more or less. It’s not bad.



Get the graphics card. This one is worth it for ALL your gaming needs for the next… two, three… even four years. It’s good. It’s future proof. And it’s just that chocolate that melts in your mouth.

I would give this card a 9.4 out of 10. For the theory of how bang relates to buck. WHY!?!!? Where the 0.6 missing out of the perfect 10? There’s no SLI. Ugh. But other than that one factor, this card, and I’m talking about the SUPER-AWESOME-COOL-ULTRA-GO (uhh, the 1060) card, just… plain…. F-ing… rawks.

‘nuff said.

Warframe: Relic System

As an old Warframe player and being so attached and hooked to the game it’s a great free to play games out there and probably one of the best in terms of developer involvement with the community and constant updates and reworks and it’s latest recent update spectres of the rail brought some changes which are still hard to adjust to.


Digital Extremes is a great developer when it comes to its baby Warframe, they constantly try to provide new content and ways to keep the game fresh for new and mostly old players.

There is a sort of hit and miss when it comes to the new update which introduces the Relic system instead of Void keys, well firstly the Void can literally be known as the Void because it’s completely devoid of players now because there is in incentive to go there other than farming some resources such as Argon crystals.

Veteran players like myself usually consist of players who just want to relax after a long day at work and farm the new prime weapons and warframes with their friends when they come out.

Well with the new relic system one has to do tons of things before actually being able to claim said prime part. Firstly our stack of Void keys are now null and void as DE decided that every new prime frame and weapon will have their own relics, so well you have to farm them and that can take up to hours depending on your luck.


But hey, it doesn’t stop there then you have to hop along like the ninja you are to farm void traces to have a better chance at the said drop, well that’s a little bearable because you end up getting a lot of other parts which you might now actually need but hey everyone’s got them too now.

This has drastically changed the trading market in Warframe. Parts being sold by people are worth practically nothing when it comes to primed frames other than Ember or Frost and people are now selling sets and parts at a lower rate hoping someone will buy them which are very few.

The new system will take time to adjust to but it’s a big hit on the veteran players and the warframe trade market alike, it could be argued that it’s a means to get more hits towards the prime access.

The only thing so far in the recent updates was the ability of conversation of duplicate mods to Endo that I like. The Endo system is something everyone could get behind on.

In my opinion the Relic system needs a huge rework, if you are grinding that bad the drop rates are still low the mission where DE said they are encouraging less of a grind is actually false. The grind now is more real my friends. The Grind is real.

How often should you train?

Everyone who lifts weights to maximize muscle wonder how much should they be training in a week for progress and the best gains. Research and expert bodybuilders suggest training each muscle group twice a week for maximum growth and seeing fast results, so how often should you train?.

Most weightlifters conform to the norm of training one muscle group a week, targeting all the muscle groups for the duration of the week whereas professional bodybuilders train each muscle group twice a week or even more depending on their goals.

According to study review conducted by Journal sports medicine, they covered and studied progress from individuals who trained a muscle group onne, twice and thrice a week finding that training one muscle group twice a week yields the best results because the muscle fibers are stimulated right after the first workouts recovery forcing it to grow and rebuild again in the second training session.

So for instance if you train your biceps on Tuesday it’s best to follow up with the same bicep workout on Friday.

The best part in the review showed that individuals who did 3 sets of bicep exercises twice a week each gained more muscle then individuals who trained for 6 or more sets once a week.

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The logic does makes sense as scientists argue that the muscle building period for any muscle group is usually 48 hours, so if you don’t stimulate the muscle again after the muscle building period you won’t promote growth faster.

This leaves the muscle in a constant muscle building state, but having a good diet is important aswell.

The science and research towards bodybuilding is constant, try training twice a week and see if it works for you.

Covering all muscle groups twice a week maybe tough also depending on intensity. So having two upper body workouts and two lower body workouts in a week is ideal. Especially a total lower body workout is great for gains and strength.

Our quick predictions for E3 2016 and what we hope to see at this year’s event

The Electronic Entertainment Expo or e3 for short which takes place on june 14th to the 16th of 2016 is a yearly event Dedicated to some of the gaming industry’s finest where such gaming giants such as Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo and developers working on the PC unveil their new wares or hotly anticipated new games providing a fresh look or dropping the price of its hardware, a time where every gamer worth his joypad waits for the exciting new unveilings or generally get an idea of where the industry is headed for in the coming year. These are our predictions or at the very least, what we hope to see during this event.

3. PlayStation VR unveils its First Party lineup



Whether or not the fact that the PlayStation 4 Neo is simply being introduced as a gateway for the PlayStation VR is still under debate but there is no denying that this could be a very big year for Sony’s foray into the realm of virtual reality and the gaming community needs to know the first titles they shall be playing for the PlayStation VR this fall.

2. New Installments and release dates revealed for existing franchises




Bloodborne could be getting a sequel, the highest rated PlayStation 4 exclusive thus far, including updated looks at Horizen zero dawn and the Last Guardian and what about Sucker punch’s rumored Spiderman game? Or could it be a new installment in the infamous franchise? Should most likely appear in some form as well as God of war 4 and another installment in the Kill Zone franchise. As for Microsoft who knows what they have up their sleeve? A fresh look at Gears of War 4 perhaps? And other as yet to be revealed new IP’s. Just don’t expect anything on a new Grand theft auto, it’s a ways off perhaps but we still have hope for Red Dead Redemption 2. That combined with the usual fare from existing franchises such as Call of Duty Infinite Warfare, Dishonored 2, Resident Evil 7 and Titanfall 2 and perhaps a first look at Mass Effect Andromeda or the Last of us 2 should make for an interesting e3.


1. New Xbox code-named Scorpio and the PS4 Neo plus existing hardware price drops and the Nintendo NXnintendo-logoBoth Sony and Microsoft are set to unveil their mid-cycle console upgrades despite only being here say for now it’s all but confirmed they’d show up at e3 since in Sony’s case they need to introduce a new more powerful device than the already pretty powerful PlayStation 4 in order to fully take advantage of its forthcoming PlayStation vr headset also set to have a presence at this year’s e3. As for the new Xbox named Scorpio, it all fits into Microsofts new strategy of integrating both windows 10 and Xbox platforms into their core business, so all we know right now is that they will make an appearance in some form or another or both consoles could merely be slim versions of their respective consoles, guess not much time left before we find out and oh, both the baseline Xbox one and PlayStation 4 consoles could be getting a price drop in the future. Plus since Nintendo has booked a lot of floor space for its E3 presence, it wouldn’t be amiss to get a first look at the new Nintendo NX console.

E3 takes place on June 14th to the 16th of 2016.

AJ Styles Turns Heel, What does this mean for the WWE Universe

Some may have seen it coming while other’s may haven’t but it was certainly shocking of which we need more of today in the landscape of professional wrestling. Aj Styles shook the wrestling world when he turned heel on a returning John Cena and re-aligned himself with his former Bullet club stable mates, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson. Aj styles much like John Cena has been a Baby face for almost his entire career only did Aj styles find that Edge so to speak when he left Total Nonstop Wrestling (TNA) and found himself in New Japan Pro Wrestling as the New Leader of its Popular Bullet Club stable in place of a departing Prince Devitt aka Finn balor for WWE NXT.

So there it was, a returning John Cena on Memorial day giving a speech to the crowd, thanking the troops for their support and out comes AJ Styles to confront John Cena. AJ Styles put over John Cena as being a hard working guy but not before he mentioned himself waiting for this moment for a very long time to which John Cena played off to the crowd and said “ by the sound of it, so has everybody else “ the WWE universe was clearly split between John Cena and AJ Styles which was a cool moment seeing these two in the same ring at the same time,something the WWE universe never thought would actually happen, TWO faces of Different Brands squaring off for the first time in a WWE ring.


But out come Gallows and Anderson confronting AJ Styles and proceeding to tell him that he made a mistake not siding with them and that they were there to kick ass not kiss ass and from there it looked lke the fight was on while the crowd went wild only for BAM, Aj styles to attack John Cena from behind with Gallows and Anderson joining in on the assault and the heel turn was complete, what’s funny was how Gallows and Anderson were acting like the peacemakers so to speak holding Aj Styles back from completely decimating John Cena who went in there repeatedly to attack like the Pit-bull he had been marketed as thus far, so what does this bode for the future of AJ Styles and the club? Well for one, AJ Styles needed to turn heel even if some feel it should have come sooner against Roman Reigns at WWE Extreme Rules but since he lost his opportunity to win the WWE championship and lost in a qualifying match for WWE money in the bank against Kevin Owens the next night on Monday night Raw,it made sense for Styles to be pushed over the edge and turn heel plus the fact that the WWE is stacked with Babyfaces right now plus it makes introducing the original Leader of the Bullet club, former NXT Champion Finn Balor into the fold all the more easier.


No doubt many a fan has already dreamt up this scenario, picture this, what if Finn balor shows up on a future edition of Monday Night Raw and confronts AJ Styles over the club he rightfully owns? Or maybe he aligns himself with them for a potential and often teased by balor himself on twitter, the Balor Club? Bulletproof? Too many possibilities but for right now, it is clear they are going for a John Cena vs AJ Styles feud which could take place either at WWE money of the bank on june 19th on the WWE Network, WWE Battleground , or have three bouts capping off this feud with the rubber match taking place at WWE Summerslam in august. My only concern is that they should book AJ Styles going over John Cena because let’s face it, John Cena’s career is winding down and he doesn’t really need the win but Whatever the case may be, this freshens things up a little so imagine the next night on Monday night Raw after Summerslam, Finn Balor makes his long awaited main roster debut, can’t wait.

Our Top TEN Coolest Decepticon Transformers Ever

The Transformers Franchise houses many a Cool cast and a Fond memory for almost every kid growing up in the 80’s. Its Cast of Character’s, both Autobots and Decepticons is Immense and has a place in every kid’s heart, so narrowing it down to a list of the Coolest Decepticons was a bit Difficult but we still managed so here’s a look at what we feel, are the Coolest Decepticons ever.



Astrotrain is a Decepticon Triple Changer with the ability to alternate between three modes, a Space Shuttle, a Steam Locomotive and his Robot Form. Astrotrain is known to love confusing his enemies and can change size to accommodate his Decepticon comrades. A Bot with a one track mind who im sure needs to get a kick somewhere while transporting his Decepticon brethren.

9. DEVASTATORDevastator

The Combined form or Gestalt of the Constructicons comprising of Scrapper, Scavenger, hook, long haul, Bonecrusher and Mixmaster, all cool in their own right but once they combine to form Devastator, all hell breaks loose. Although a Powerful Warrior, he lacks something upstairs but that’s ok given he does exactly what Megatron wants him to do and that is wreak Havoc on the Autobots.



Trypticon is a larger Deception Transformer with a Tyrannosaurus like appearance but is also known as Decepticon city, his Alternate mode is that of a Battle Station and Decepticon city much like his Autobot counterpart Metroplex who have always had a rivalry. Although Huge in Size and Power, he is also a bit dimwitted according to at least one Continuity such as the 80’s Animated Series.



Octane is another Triple Changer Transformer with the ability to transform into a Tanker Truck and a Boeing 767 jet. A Decepticon Bully who seems to derive pleasure from other’s pain, Octane is also known for being the Decepticons Fuel carrier in charge of giving away and Storing his Comrades Fuel. Has had a few Cool moments in the 80’s Animated Series where he strikes up an Unlikely Friendship with his Autobot Counterpart Sandstorm or being scared to Death by Starscream’s Ghost.

6. BLITZWING468px-Blitzwingg1

Yet another Triple Changer Transformer, you see where I’m going with this? Ha-ha. Blitzwing can transform into a Tank and a Jet fighter. A hardened Decepticon Warrior who happens to be a jerk seems to have seen the light in the Five faces of Darkness when he discovered the Quintessons treachery to ultimately take over Cybertron and had second thoughts on fighting the Autobots, was eventually ex-communicated from the ranks of the Decepticons.



Sixshot or a One Robot Army as he is Commonly referred to is one of the first Six Changer Transformers Capable of Transforming into Six Modes, A Cybertronian Jet, a Cybertronian Car, a Laser Pistol, a Cybertronian Tank and a Flying Wolf. Sixshot is feared not only Amongst the Autobots but also within his own ranks amongst his Decepticon Brothers, capable of putting down an entire squadron of Arielbots as seen in the Transformers Headmasters Cartoon plus he also had a Killer Toy back in the 80’s.



Cyclonus is one of Galvatron’s most Loyal Soldiers, a Second in Command who has the brains to back up Galvatron’s will. Cyclonus can transform into a Cybertronian Fighter Jet and was created by Planet Devouring Unicron much like Galvatron. While Cyclonus is perfectly capable of leading the Decepticons on his own, his unwavering loyalty to Galvatron puts that suggestion quickly to rest.

3. SOUNDWAVESoundwave

Speaking of Loyalty, they do not come more Loyal than Soundwave . Although a Communications officer, his loyalty to his leader Megatron has always ensured him a place in the upper command structure of the Decepticons and also acts as a confidant of sorts to Megatron. Soundwaves alternate mode is that of a Stereo Cassette Player just like his Autobot Counterpart Blaster and much like him, has the ability to eject smaller Decepticon cassettes such as Lazerbeak , Frenzy, Ratbat and Rumble.



Starscream is a high ranking warrior amongst the Ranks of the Decepticons and is as Treacherous as he is clever plus he also happens to Harbor a Desire to Overthrow the Leader of the Decepticons Megatron. Starscream has the ability to Transform into an F-15 Fighter jet just like his partners Thundercracker and Skywarp. Starscream has managed to Lead the Decepticons on more than one Occasion but was Soundly beaten and ultimately met his End at the hands of the Re-built Megatron now known as Galvatron. Still, just for his conniving ways he manages to land into our number two spot for Coolest Decepticons ever.



Megatron is the much Feared Leader of the Decepticons who happens to transform into a Walther p38 pistol which can then be used by any of the other Decepticons to launch their attack. Megatron is Ruthless and is much respected amongst the Decepticons. Megatron after his battle with Optimus Prime in the Great War was Gravely Damaged but still Functional yet Overthrown by Starscream who later Returned Re-built as the Mighty Galvatron at the hands of Planet-sized Transformer Unicron. Galvatron while Intelligent and just as ruthless as Megatron also has an Issue with his Sanity which only got worse when he was thrown into a pit of fire on Char in the Five Faces of Darkness storyline. Galvatron on the other hand can Transform into a laser cannon with immense Power. While it’s Debatable over who was cooler between the two, we would stick to the face of the Evil Deceptions as just plain old Megatron.

We hope you enjoyed this article, and in case you missed it, Our previous look at Our Top Ten Coolest Autobot Transformers can be found by clicking this link.

Our Top TEN Coolest Autobot Transformers Ever

The Transformers Franchise houses many a Cool cast and a Fond memory for almost every kid growing up in the 80’s. Its Cast of Character’s, both Autobots and Decepticons is Immense and has a place in every kid’s heart, so narrowing it down to a list of the Coolest Autobots was a bit Difficult but we still managed so here’s a look at what we feel, are the Coolest Autobots ever as part of a Two part Feature where we shall look at the Top Ten Coolest Decepticon Transformers Ever at a later date.



Bumble bee is one of the smaller Transformers and is thought of as a smaller brother in the ranks of the autobots, his vehicle mode is that of a Volkswagen beetle. While he may be small in stature, he more than makes up for it as a spy using his small form to reach places his larger sized comrades cannot plus his special fondness for the Transformers leading Human element Spike is what makes him ultimately endearing.



Often referred to as Optimus Prime’s right hand man, his special operation’s skill is often used to infiltrate the decepticons and leave them baffled at their wake, considered a music loving autobot who is vastly popular among his brothers in the Ark in most part due to his ability to speak in Slang. His Vehicle mode is that of a hardtop Pontiac Solstice GXP which makes him one of the coolest Transformers there are.



Blaster is another Transformer who’s Fondness for Earth Music as his Alternate mode suggests is that of a Stereo Cassette Player. He’s an Energetic and fun loving Transformer who shares his love for music with the people of earth and is always involved in a bitter rivalry with his Decepticon Counterpart Soundwave. Blaster much like Soundwave also has the ability to eject cassettes which in turn Transform into smaller Autobots.


Metroplex small

One of the if not the Biggest Transformer ever Created. Metroplex transforms into Autobot City, an aptly titled city for the autobots to inhabit which also functions as a huge battle station. Metroplex is even bigger in stature to other large Transformers as one of the combiner teams, Omega supreme or Fortress Maximus. In other Words, The Autobots Ultimate Weapon.



Prowl is the Autobots resident Police Officer who Transforms into a ,you guessed it, Police patrol car. Prowl is also a Military Strategist and is often described by his fellow Autobots as a bit of a Prick and doesn’t get along well with his Autobot Brothers. His Anxious personality and Strictness to follow Military Protocol does not earn him many friends but he still made it onto our list because he sure does look cool right?.



Ironhide is a Long standing soldier in Optimus Prime’s army and is very loyal to said leader, He happens to be one of the Toughest Autobots and one of the Coolest at the same time. Iron hide’s vehicle form takes on a modified GMC truck which also has a water gun where he can shoot any type of Liquid. A no nonsense Transformer, Iron hide may be Gruff but his loyalty to his Leader Optimus Prime is to be commended.



Grimlock is One of the Strongest Autobots who happens to have his own sub-team, the Dino-bots ,although not the brightest, he does make up for it in sheer brute force.His Alternate mode is that of a T-REX and is not particularly fond of the Earthlings and does not care if there are any casualties in his Power mongering ways. Arguably one of the most popular Transformers ever and has earned even the respect of their Leader Optimus Prime. Also one of the coolest, a Sure worthy addition into this list.



A loyal and Trusted Soldier In the ranks of the Autobots who feels no more than just being a Soldier. Was once handed the Autobot Matrix of Leadership due to the Death of Optimus Prime only to be killed by Megatron turned Galvatron and eventually giving way to Rodimus Prime as the New Leader of the Autobots hence why, Ultra Magnus has despite being strong and selfless has always Considered himself a Soldier above all else even though he has earned the respect of both his comrades in the Autobots as well as the Evil Decepticons. His Vehicle mode is that of freight-liner truck car carrier and is surely a welcome addition to the cool club.



Hotrod was a brash and confident Autobot with a hint of arrogance, a bit careless but he eventually matured into the Autobots new Leader Rodimus Prime who is more mature and stronger than when he was just plain old Hotrod. His Vehicle mode is a Dome zero Sports car with flames which gives him the moniker of Cool for that alone while later on when Rodimus Prime, his Alternate mode is that of a Futuristic Truck. Rodimus despite second guessing himself worthy of being the Successor to Optimus Prime has always managed to overcome expectations which earns him the number two spot on this list.



The Strongest and Wisest of all the Autobots, Prime exudes an almost Father Figure stature being Noble and Selfless plus it doesn’t hurt that he’s got a strong moral character and Sound leadership skills which has Earned him his spot as being one of the most Beloved transformers out there, even the Decepticons admire his bravery. His vehicle mode is a Freight-liner Cab-over-engine class 8 truck. Optimus Prime has a strong moral code and pushes for Peaceful co-existence with the people of earth, plus anybody who’s quote is “ Freedom is the right of all Sentient beings “ belongs on number one spot in any list and hence Optimus Prime is the Coolest Autobot or for that matter, Transformer ever.


So hope you Enjoyed the article, Take a look at our picks for the Top Ten Coolest Decepticon Transformers Ever.

Why Guys need Guy Time

Everyone likes a good night out with their friends where they can unwind and enjoy themselves and research says guys need guy time more than women. Here’s why you should let him hang with the boys.

Researchers from Germany have come to the conclusion that men need to spend time with their mates and that’s something all men’s significant others should understand because according to the study male bonding is important as it can reduce stress levels of a man and increase quality of life rather than when he’s spending time with his partner or family but that doesn’t mean you should spend time only with the boys but a night out with the mates is important once a week for a man’s health.

Hanging out with friends does indeed reduce stress levels because of pack mentality and comfort levels which one has with his friends, when a man is in his close knitted group of friends he will be more confident, less anxious and willing to try things he never has and that leads to exciting things for his partner as well, consider this when the man returns home he is more likely to be happy with positive energy.

Men tend to hide their emotions behind thick layers and the best way to find out a man’s true nature is by well by or from his mates. Men tend to truly be themselves around their best friends while engaging in activities together or just by having drinks. Becoming your true self at least 2 times a week is important by engaging in similar activities or by just doing nothing and being in company you trust.

There is indeed an unsaid “bro” code amongst men. Men have always had each other’s backs and maybe that leads to reduced stress levels when they are in each other’s company. This does apply when you have true friends you can rely on and be yourself with and men are actually more dependent on that and keep a close circle of friends ranging from 3 to 5 as they grow older because that’s what they truly need. If for whatever reason men don’t get to hang out with their close friends it can lead to depressive and antisocial behaviour because men look up to each other a group of friends who are close will always take the positive traits of their friends for personal growth.

Men seek out advice from other men so always be the bro you want your mates to be and don’t forget to kick back over the weekend and watch the game or just be stupid together.

How much water should you drink daily?

Water is in an essential part of sustaining all life, it’s important to fuel your body and to know how much water is the right amount to consume, especially during the summer.

Lack of water can cause dehydration and leave individuals prone to heat strokes, sometimes we forget or don’t give that much consideration to drinking water all the time but do keep in mind our bodies are expelling water rapidly through sweat and urine.

The human body is made up of 60% water give or take, our body stores water as its energy reserve and that mainly includes our muscles, water is essential for maintaining muscle and if you train or workout high amounts of water is crucial and important to keep you fueled. Health experts always advice drinking at least 2 liters a day or 8 ounces of water.

It’s important to drink as much you can and understand how much water you need throughout the day as lack of water can cause energy levels to drop and may also impact brain function, the argument of exactly what the recommended intake of water is vast and some argue that we should be sipping water constantly even if aren’t feeling thirsty, but the collective verdict is actually set on the 8 ounce rule meaning that an individual should drink at least 2 liters or half a gallon a day.

That being said it’s important to know your activity level as well, how much water do you need if you are extremely active? athletes tend to drink more than the recommended amount of water and for good reason and we should too. Drinking as much water as you can is never too less, water helps keep your system clean, flushes out toxins and keeps your liver healthy and reduces the chance of kidney stones.

What most people don’t realize it can help you lose and maintain weight because water boosts the metabolism every time you drink a glass of cold water for at least 30 minutes.

Healthy amounts of water can keep the skin hydrated and keep the skin less prone to acne.


Making sure to drink at least 2 cold glasses of water as soon as you wake up without consuming any solid food or drinking your morning coffee is ideal. Drinking cold water first thing in the morning can boost your metabolism rapidly for the rest of the day but most of all it helps your brain to become active. Having water at least 20 minutes before every meal can help reduce the intake of calories you end up consuming and try not to drink water during or after meals its best to wait at least 30 minutes.

Drinking plenty of water throughout the day can never be enough, there are only recommended intake levels by health experts and nothing is set in stone with water. Try to break that barrier especially if you train a lot. Hydrate to stay fit.