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Banshee Series Finale Review

The ride into Banshee has come to a end and we aren’t really happy about it. The show ending that is. Here is our take on the Banshee Series Finale

(May Contain Spoilers)

Banshee has had many ups and downs in the show and all of those ups and downs have been spectacular. It has been an insane ride for the characters and their progression, their growth to becoming the kind of characters we come to love and now will miss.

Banshee series finale was straight to the point but it would’ve been great if it would have been more than an hour’s worth but that did just fine.

Each characters story did come to an end giving us an outlook as to what they will be doing now. The biggest twist in the finale and was also justifiable, came to be that Burton was the one who killed Rebecca and it makes sense you know? As to during the last season Proctors love for Rebecca was indeed clouding his judgement and could be seen in some of their interactions together and how Rebecca did have influence over her uncle. The idea was simple for Burton, get rid of Rebecca so Proctor could be his ruthless self again.

We liked the brother story line between Bunker and Calvin but it could’ve been better, Calvin became what we expected him to become a guy who couldn’t take orders in the end, the scene between the two brothers in the end could’ve been great, but seemed like something which had to be done, especially the part where Calvin’s wife really didn’t give a crap if he died, I mean he was a good father on screen maybe even a good husband until Bunker came along so there should have been some emotional value behind the whole scenario guess we missed that part off screen.

Image: Cinemax
Image: Cinemax

The last epic fight of banshee which we’ve always love was between Hood and Burton being good but not great, we were actually expecting something along the lines of the Burton and Nola fight last season which was shot beautifully, but this fight did do justice, as far as I understand Burton and Hood never really fought in the show and was expected that they would be equally matched, the scene where Proctor had to make the choice was great especially the Darth Vader style “Nooo” in the end.


Proctors scene well was purely disappointing, we love Proctor, and he was one of the best characters in the show, the guy we hate but secretly love and want to be. The fact that Proctor was confused due to Rebecca’s death was okay and the idea of him having nothing else to live for wasn’t really justified and it felt just like that, but the scene towards his doom did show that he wanted to go out, but he could’ve gone out a better way which we would’ve liked he didn’t get a badass ending which he deserved.

Carrie finally got some kind of peace in the series finale, the idea in her head to avenge her husband’s death lead towards Proctors downfall which was a little badass, if we think about it she was the one who eventually shut down Proctor and put a mark on his head while Job was finally getting his groove back by helping her out.

The show’s creators have always kept the riddle as to Hoods true identity and I guess they didn’t come up with a way to reveal it in an impactful way, the idea of leaving the show not knowing Hood’s real name is both exciting and confusing, I was looking forward to find out who hood really was but like in life, somethings never come to pass.

Banshee will be truly missed as it was one of our favourite shows, the series finale ended with the good guys standing and the bad guys gone biding a farewell to an amazing show.