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AMC’s Preacher Pilot Review

AMCs promising new show has already been released online and you don’t have to be fan of the cult comic to enjoy it’s adaption on screen.

Preacher’s pilot starts in space with a comet heading towards earth and the comet oddly sounds like a crying baby where it ends up going to Africa and disrupting a congregation by hitting the preacher, the whole congregation believed that it was a miracle and so did the preacher when he woke up only to go “boom” and spraying his remains all over the congregation.

Preacher has a dark tone right from the start and not to mention  the violence  begins from the start.

Photo: AMC – Dominic Cooper as Jesse Custer

Meet the Preacher

The main character is Jesse Custer played by Dominic Cooper, a man who has returned to his home town in Texas to take on the role his father left as Preacher of the all Saints congregational. His character shows that the Preacher has demons of his own with a past he can’t forget. Jesse sets the tone of his character to be withdrawn and coping with the help of alcohol and what exactly did that past in tale is yet to be revealed but a vague idea was presented in the episode with the introduction of Tulip played by Ruth Negga who was witness to the Preachers past, conflicted Jesse Custer was determined to turn tail and move away from home again but the strange baby noise comet ends up hitting Jesse and how he didn’t go boom.

What was funny in the episode was reports when Jesse was in the bar of how tom cruise just blew up outside the church of scientology, that was a kick and the kind of humour we like, no seriously we do.

As the violence starts from the onset of the show one does wonder about the lack of blood shown in the show because the comic is too generous in that department.

Meet the Vamp

Photo: AMC – Joseph Gilgun as Cassidy

The Introduction of Cassidy played by Joseph Gilgun was great, Cassidy is a strange Irishman who apparently is a vampire, his introduction scene on the plane was good and a little bloody especially the going skydiving and going splat in the end. He ends up literally falling from the sky and ending up in the Preachers town where he meets him in a Bar.

There is dark humour in the show which can be seen from the get-go, the adaption has already set the tone in its pilot and has engaged the viewers. Cast performances by the actors are very well played out as it seems they have adapted to their characters from the first episode.


Photo: AMC – The Cast of Preacher

We’re excited to see how the show plays out and expect more blood and gore, and it’s interesting to know that Seth Rogen is a producer on the show and actually pushed for its television adaption as he is a big fan of the comic books. The Pilot left us keen to know the Preachers story and how Cassidy came to be a vampire and have already been infatuated by the characters.

The shows main tagline is “A Preacher enlists the help of a vampire to find God”, just by that it’ll be interesting to see how that plays out as it should be thrilling for the comic fans and for new viewers alike. Preacher returns on AMC on June 5th.


Verdict : 4.5/5.0