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Arrow Season Finale Review

(May Contain Spoilers)

The CW family has created some of the best superhero television shows and arrow is no exception, we’ve loved the show from the beginning and follow it closely and complement its accuracy in relation to the comic books. That being said this season of Arrow was a little disappointing and the arrow season finale was very underwhelming with no real substance to make the viewer wonder, isn’t that what TV shows should be about make us wonder for the next season?.

The season start was relatively okay and a little bearable as we already knew who the big bad was going to be and killing off Laurel Lance was a good mature move on the shows part, where the original plan was to actually kill of Captain Lance, Laurel’s father, What made the writers change that out well we won’t know. The progression towards the season finale was really slow and uninteresting, with the same scenario while John Diggle is conflicted by his brother and the on and off romance of Felicity and Oliver, the same super bad guy then maybe good guy routine by Malcolm Merlin and not to mention the flashbacks because frankly we’re a little tired of them.

What we fail to grasp but maybe the writers have better knowledge on the matter, what’s surprising was the fact that there was an imminent threat to the whole world meaning that nuclear warheads will destroy earth and everyone who inhabits earth, where were the DC superheroes? Especially the intertwined Legends of tomorrow or The Flash, whereas team Arrow just focuses on giving pep talks and having heart to hearts while doing particularly nothing else which set an overall depressing tone for the show even the finale.

The superhero meant for the common man with a great big speech in star city to stop the riots and bring the people together but frankly the speech didn’t quite cut it. Oliver tried to rally the people of star city and stop the rioting but the speech lacked substance seeming very generic not to mention halfhearted and magically it still managed to work.

Neal McDonough is a great actor and tired his best to bring Damien Darhk to life the way he was meant to be, but maybe it was the writers all along because most of Darkh’s actions didn’t really have meaning behind them, and was just your typical destroy the world kind of bad guy. Especially the hive soldiers firing blindly and rushing everywhere they went didn’t make hive seem so professional at what they do.

The last cinematic fight between the green arrow and Darhk with the city behind Oliver was underwhelming with no major moments and the fact that Arrow had to kill Darhk made it seem that Oliver’s struggle in the whole season meant nothing and suddenly it was okay for him to kill again. I remember cracking a joke at that moment, maybe the producers couldn’t afford to retain characters for appearances in the future of the show if the actors decided not to appear again, hint hint aka Death stroke.

Team Arrow really needs to go back to its glory days where it was mature and exciting to watch unlike the kind of chick show it has become, this season especially the Arrow season finale was just dreadful and left us feeling depressed with no extra thoughts on the matter afterwards. Maybe the team does need a big break and consider “finding” themselves. Let us wait for Season 5 to find out.


Verdict: 1 out of 5 (Dreadful)