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Our 15 Best Horror movies of the 80’s and early 90’s with killer soundtracks

No Horror movie is complete without a Bone Chilling soundtrack to accompany the Gore but the 80’s and early 90’s were not only known for their Gore but also the signature sound’s of in particular the 80’s with its heavy and hard rock Metal so lets take a look at some of the very best from that time period which still manage to hold today and in some cases, we have included two songs per Horror movie such as Friday the 13th as it’s difficult to just go with one so enjoy.


15. Trioxin theme (The Return of the living dead) (1985)


The Trioxin theme is performed and composed by Francis Haines and is the main theme for the 1985 horror comedy which tells the story of  three men who accidently unleash a canister containing a corpse and a deadly airborne toxin onto an unsuspecting town which in turn gives way to brain eating zombies and then hilarity ensues as a group of kids get trapped into the mix.

14. Shocker main title theme (shocker) (1989)

Shocker, a 1989 horror film from the legendary Wes Craven follows the story of notorious serial killer Horace Pinker played by Mitch pileggi of X-files and Sons of Anarchy fame, a television repairman who gets put to death via the electric chair only to return and torment Jonathan parker played by peter berg, the ex football player who turned him in to the authorities. The main title theme was done by the dudes of wrath.


13. Main title theme (Killer clowns from outer space) (1988)

The Killer clowns from outer space is a sci-fi horror comedy film from 1988 and the plot centers around a bunch of aliens from outer space who disguise themselves as clowns to terrorize a small town and to enslave them. The main title theme was done by the band, the dickies.


12. Children of the Night (Maniac cop 2) (1990)


Children of the Night, a song performed by Buddy Miles follows the story of Matt Cordell played by the late Robert Z’Dar who gets sent to prison for his brutality and ends up getting killed violently inside only to return back from the dead as a supernatural killer cop to exact Vengeance and in the sequel he teams with a serial killer in times square to wreak havoc.


11. The Beast Inside inside (Night of the demons) (1988)

The night of the demons is a supernatural horror film from 1988 and follows a group of teens who party at an abandoned funeral parlor on Halloween night only for some great evil to awaken and its demonic forces keep the party-goers from leaving as their lives are turned into a living hell. The Beast inside was written and performed by Dennis Micheal Tenney.


10. Bump In the Night (Witchboard) (1986)

Bump in the Night performed by Steel Breeze is featured in the supernatural horror film Witchboard which was released in 1986 and follows the story of a woman who takes a liking to her friends Ouija  board when he brings it to her party.


9. Darkest side of the Night (Friday the 13th part VIII , Jason takes Manhattan) (1989)

The Song that is heard in the beginning of the film where a boat bound for New York takes Horror icon Jason Vorhees along for the ride to unleash terror on the big apple.


8. Love is a Lie (Friday the 13th the Final Chapter) (1984)

After being severely wounded in the previous film, Jason Vorhees is taken to the morgue where he revives and marches on to a killing spree as he heads back to where it all started, Camp Crystal Lake. The song Love is a Lie was performed by Lion.


7. Dream Warriors (A Nightmare on Elm street 3, Dream Warrriors ) (1987)

A song with the same sub title, Dream warriors is a song performed by Dokken which also used clips from the said movie itself which follows the story of the victims who survived Freddy kruegar, learn to take back their dreams back in order to put an end to Freddy Krueger once and for all.


6. Running from this Nightmare (A Nightmare on Elm Street 4, the Dream Master) (1988)

Running from this Nightmare or simply Nightmare is the lead track from the 4th installment in the Nightmare on elm street horror movie franchise by Tuesday Knight who also happens to star in the same film as the lead. The song is heard at the very beginning of the film and sets the tone for the rest of the movie which follows the returning Freddy Kruegar once again terrorize the remaining dream warriors.


5. Hellraiser (Hellraiser 3, Hell on Earth) (1992)

Motorhead’s version of Hellraiser was used in the third installment of the Franchise with the same name including a music video with clips of the movie thrown in, This version has minor differences in lyrics but it’s the version we prefer and sets the tone of the movie quite well where a newly unbound pinhead and his army of hell must be sent back by an investigative reporter.


4. Dancin on Midnight (Halloween 5, the Revenge of Michael Myers) (1989)


Dancin on Midnight was performed by White Sister for the fifth installment of the Halloween horror franchise which see’s the Horror icon Michael Myers who happens to be an escaped mental patient wearing a mask return to Haddonfield in order to kill his now mute niece.


3. WIN in the End (Teen Wolf) (1985)

A weirdly inspirational song from the 1985 horror comedy Teen wolf which was performed by Mark Safan, the movie centers around a struggling high school student who finds out his family has an odd little secret when he finds himself transforming into a Werewolf.


2. I still Believe (The Lost Boys) (1987)

The Song is done by Tim Capello and is from the original motion picture soundtrack to the Lost Boys, a Horror comedy movie centered around two brothers who after moving to a new town discover that it is a hotbed for Vampires starring the likes of Jason Patrick and keifer Sutherland. The song comes along mid movie during the camp-fire scene and according to many is the most memorable scene in the movie


1. Cry little Sister (The Lost Boys) (1987)

Sometimes a movie has more than one memorable song and in this case, the main theme from The Lost Boys called Cry Little Sister performed by Gerard McMann. The Title theme according to the performer represents the longing for a family from a rejected youths perspective so in essence this song sets the tone for the movie perfectly.



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