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Our Top Video Games Magazines ever

Before the Age of the Internet, there were simply more how shall we say it? Physical options, where people could hold their favorite books and yes, even video games magazines. Sure you can do all that now on Tablets and Cellphones via PDF but its not the same, so let’s take a look at the Authors Top Publications Dedicated to Video games.

6. Game informer


Game informer is a Monthly magazine in the US owned by Video game Retailer, Game Stop Corp with the first issue coming out in 1991. It Covers Reviews and Previews as well as Exclusive interviews with some of the Top Developers and Industry Personal, it also has some of the Best Breaking Exclusives and Cover Stories as well as an Online Website called Gameinformer.

5. GamePro


GamePro was an American Multi-format video game magazine where the first issue came out in 1989 with their last publication being their winter 2011 issue. Famous for its Pro-tips section and also the editors using comic book avatars for their editorials and reviews as well as a Buyers Beware Section , It has a Fond place in many a gamer’s heart since the Era of the Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo Game Systems.

4. Games Master


Games Master Magazine is a UK based Multi platform Gaming and PC mag . It was launched in 1993. Known for its news and reviews, games posters and awarding the Gold award to high Scoring Video games, It is known to be an entertaining read and especially with all the cool stuff you get such as posters, cards and other free merchandise. It even had its own tv show with the same name but which no longer exists but the publication is still running.

3. PSM (Official PlayStation Magazine)


Another Favorite which used to be simply called PSM until its Parent company Future Publishing decided to brand it close to its uk Counter part of the same name. The publication was dedicated to all things PlayStation with the first issue releasing In 1997 with final fantasy 7 on the cover, A popular magazine for PlayStation Enthusiasts and a personal favourite of the author, which ended its run with the Christmas 2012 issue.

2. PlayStation Official Magazine UK (OPM)


A Monthly publication with reviews and previews and other cool merchandise such as posters, thumb sticks and the Demo Disc. The Publication is the only Magazine dedicated to PlayStation still running although to many a gamer’s disappointment, the demo disc was removed. The Magazine was launched in 1995 to coincide with the Original PlayStation Console’s Launch in the UK, later on it was re-branded to the official PlayStation 2 magazine and back again and even had its short lived spin off called Essential PlayStation.

1. Electronic Gaming Monthly (EGM)


Perhaps the most popular Video gaming Magazine in Existence, which covered industry events, top news and reviews and previews as well as interviews with some of the industry’s finest. The Publication Launched in 1989 and even had its own Sister Publication known simply as EGM2 from 1994 to 1998. A website and Podcast, years later was Created also, known as 1UP.com. It also had its Wildly Popular Sushi-X editor/Mascot.

So there you have it our top picks for the best video games magazines of all time, It’s Sad that Some of these Publications are no longer active due to a Decline in readership or the rise of the Digital age but the Memories shall Remain especially when you, like me, have a Collection to fall back on.

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