Sony’s answer to the threat of gamers jumping ship to the PC

Sony’s Decision to release a souped up PS4 code-named the PS4 NEO is a result of the Japanese electronic giant’s fears of potentially losing customers to the high end PC as Sony would rather understandably have gamer’s within their own Ecosystem. PC gamer’s routinely enjoy higher frame-rates and higher, more detailed resolutions in contrast to their console counterparts it is believed so it is understandable why Sony would feel the need to release a mid-cycle update to exist along the current and already graphically capable PS4.


photo credit goes to IGN As you can see, consoles are almost on par with the Pc but still has a ways to go

The PS4 Neo’s better graphics should likely help persuade current gamer’s from jumping ship although like I said, the PS4 is perfect capable given the likes of Uncharted 4 and with what was shown at E3 2016.with games like the new God of war and Horizon zero dawn in the pipeline, it’s a bit surprising although not unheard of why Sony would even think about going this route just like Microsoft has apparently with its new mid cycle refresh of the XBOX code-named Scorpio. Now I wonder, even though I stick to consoles even though I own a reasonably capable PC,I just don’t see why other gamer’s can do the same thing, I mean that’s what gaming is all about right? The more the merrier.

Halo 6 likely to come on Windows 10

There is some good news for Halo fans and PC community, Halo 6 will most likely be coming to Windows 10. The name for the next Halo hasn’t been decided or revealed so let’s just call it Halo 6 for now.

What’s interesting to note is that Halo 5’s Forge level creation tool is coming to PC for free but PC players won’t be getting Halo 5 which is a little disappointing.

Microsoft has definitely decided to spread the Xbox One love on to the PC, at this year’s press conference at E3 Microsoft announced many big titles coming to Xbox One which will also be released for the PC, tittles include Gears of War 4 and Forza 3.

It’s good to know that Microsoft is focusing on cross platform gameplay and providing gaming titles for PC players on the Windows 10 where one would have had to buy an Xbox One to play now both Xbox and PC players can play together hopefully sometime in the near future.

This could result in Xbox One titles which were exclusive to the console to head on over to the PC as well, making them Xbox One and PC exclusives but there is still a possibility to keeping a few titles as exclusive for the Xbox like Sony has exclusives of its own.

Having Halo 6 releasing on the PC as well is still speculation so far, but while talking to PCgamer the head of Xbox Phil Spencer has mentioned that all future Forza games will be coming to Windows and indicating that there is nothing stopping the next Halo to come on the PC as well. The idea of cross platform gameplay by Microsoft can bring more game titles to the PC and can lead to more popularity on behalf of the Xbox One.

Days Gone PS4 Exclusive, New Details revealed

New Details have been revealed on the forthcoming PS4 Exclusive by Bend Studios, Days Gone by namely the dynamic night and day lifecycle which includes wildfire plus the emergent gameplay and weapon crafting system.

According to the developers, all the zombies are being rendered in real-time on the fly and is not intended to be a shortcut or a trick of smoke and mirrors as many objects are being rendered on the fly which gives this game an even more impressive outlook as far as tech is concerned which brings me to my own opinion and many I’m sure who were impressed with the gameplay demo at E3 2016.


Days Gone brings a sense of Dread and do or die gameplay reminiscent of movies such as World War Z. There also appears to be a weapon crafting system where players get to synthesize the tools they are given to get them out of sticky situations meaning a whole hoard of zombies.


An impressive showing to say the least which makes quickly makes it one of the more exciting titles heading out of E3. Can’t wait for more details to be known about Days Gone as I’m sure we shall know more in the coming months

Screenshots Revealed for God Eater Resurrection and God Eater 2

The first God Eater game came out in 2011 for the PlayStation Portable as an action role playing game known in Japan as God Eater Burst by Bandai Namco shows God Eater Resurrection and God Eater 2 at E3.

The first screenshots for the sequels of the game were shown at E3 2016 which are shown below

God Eater Resurrection







God Eater 2: Rage Burst





GodEater Resurrection is coming on the PlayStation 4 and PS Vita on the 28th of June whereas the PC port version will be coming on August 30th.

While God Eater 2: Rage Burst will be releasing on the PlayStation 4, Vita and PC on 30th of August and Pre-orders are already available for God Eater 2.

The Division : new expansions shown at E3

Ubisoft did have a lot to offer this E3 but what was noteworthy was the support for its popular game The Division with new updates heading towards players soon.

Ubisoft Highlighted the Divisions future during its E3 conference and was keen to provide content that will enhance the players experience and the way they play the game.

The first expansion named Underground will hit Xbox one and PC players first on 28th June marking the 30 year Anniversary of Ubisoft where PS4 players can expect the first expansion on 2nd August, the first expansion Underground trailer was shown at E3.

There is a time exclusive deal with Ubisoft and Microsoft and all expansions will launch first on PC and Xbox One.

Ubisoft also went ahead to show the teaser trailer for its next expansion after Underground called Survival stating that this expansion will take on different tactics and playstyle providing its players with different types of missions saying it will be a new approach on how players will play the game.

The Division Survival’s release date was not announced but we can expect that expansion to hit somewhere around the end of summer. Survival is the second last expansion planned where The Last Stand is the last expansion which is set to be released this winter.

It is also uncertain if Ubisoft will give these expansions for free like the first one named Conflict, but all these expansions are deemed paid content currently.

First Three Roster member’s Revealed for WWE 2K17

At Tuesday’s E3 event, the first three superstars in upcoming wrestling sim WWE 2K17 by 2K Sports were revealed which happened to be John Cena, WWE Hall of Famer the Ultimate Warrior and the Boss Sasha Banks who along with the previously announced pre-order bonus WCW star Goldberg are the confirmed roster members thus far with more to be announced in the weeks and months to come.


WWE 2k17


The announcements were revealed via clever paintings of the WWE Superstars done by one Rob Schamberger, a Kansas city artist who hosts the show Canvas to Canvas on the WWE Network and has painted various WWE Superstars in the past. So look forward to more news, gameplay details and roster reveals as we inch closer to the October release.

WWE 2K17 by 2K Sports is scheduled to release in October 2016 for the PS4,XBOX ONE,PS3 and the XBOX 360 game Systems.

Nintendo’s the Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild, first Trailer

Nintendo’s next installment in the Legend of Zelda slated for release on the Nintendo WII U and the new NX Hardware which is yet to be revealed sometime in 2017 has finally gotten a brand new trailer which was revealed at Nintendo’s E3 Treehouse event as well as a live gameplay demo of the Nintendo WII U version of the game.

Legend Of Zelda

Featuring a living and breathing open world which is said to be twelve times larger than the Twilight Princess giving the player various choices to tackle a problem in an anime looking and sort of cell shaded game world and according to the developer you can practically reach the end of the game and encounter the final boss from the very start if you wish to do so but the player won’t be getting the full story. The game will also be compatible with the Amiibo which are sold Nintendo fans definitely have a top tier game to look forward to next year.



The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild is currently scheduled to release sometime in 2017 exclusively for the Nintendo WII U and the as yet to be revealed new hardware, Code named the Nintendo NX.

Kojima Returns with disturbing New Game Death Stranding

After a falling out with long time partners and developers Konami, the legendary creator of the Metal Gear Solid franchise Hideo Kojima is back with a teaser of his new game Death Stranding starring The Walking Dead star Norman Reedus.

Hideo Kojima is known as an icon in the gaming industry and his departure from Konami came under mysterious circumstances and later went on the create his own studio named Kojima productions which is now partnered with Sony. As Kojima walked up to the stage at this years E3 stating that he’s “back” that’s something fans didn’t expect.

Death Standing Norman Reedus

The Teaser trailer for his latest venture Death Stranding stars Norman Reedus better known for his role as Daryl in The Walking Dead, it was previously seen that Reedus was Kojima’s choice of protagonist for his project Silent Hill which was cancelled.

The trailer from Death Stranding takes on a more mysterious type of story line unlike previous Kojima projects such as the technology driven Metal Gear Solid. The trailer reveals Reedus being apparently washed ashore on a beach covered in what looks like oil, the creepy factor begins when the viewer notices a baby with headphones attached to it’s belly button only to have the baby disappear a few moments later.

The hand prints emerging on Reedus gives us insight that indeed this could be a horry/thriller game and may have some aspects from the cancelled Silent Hill game.

Kojima’s return was well acknowledge at E3 and fans cannot wait what Death Stranding may intale for gamers which seems to be an exclusive title for the PlayStation 4, one things for sure our creepy expectations meter is really high at this point.



PlayStation VR Available for Pre-Oder

After E3 and the emergence of Virtual Reality and its building hype moving forward PlayStation VR games are officially available for pre-order at the PlayStation store.

The first official VR games from Sony sets the tone as to what is expected from VR games when it comes to its pricing on the PS4.

Sony’s first person shooter RIGS Machine Combat League for the PlayStation VR is available to pre-order at £54.99.


While other first line ups such as PSVR worlds is available for £34.99.

The much anticipated spin off for the popular hit Until Dawn, Until Dawn Rush of Blood is relatively cheaper coming in at £15.99.

PlayStation VR Rush Of Blood

Whereas the lowest is the PSVR’s first puzzle game named Tumble VR at £7.99.

PlayStation VR Tumble

All of these games will be available on October 13 with the Launch of the PlayStation VR.

PS4 Exclusive The Last Guardian gets Collectors Edition plus new trailer and release date

Sony Interactive Entertainment announced at their E3 press event, the launch date of its long awaited and eagerly anticipated game, the Last Guardian and it is set to finally arrive on October 25th 2016 exclusively for the PS4.

It was also revealed that the game will be getting a Collectors edition which will include a steel book case, a premium Trico statue, an art book, a digital soundtrack, a sticker sheet and a collector’s box and it will cost $119.99 even if some feel that the price is too high,it is still something that every fan will consider as the statue included looks pretty amazing.You can have a look at the Collectors edition in the screenshot below.

the last guardian