E3 2016

Days Gone PS4 Exclusive, New Details revealed

New Details have been revealed on the forthcoming PS4 Exclusive by Bend Studios, Days Gone by namely the dynamic night and day lifecycle which includes wildfire plus the emergent gameplay and weapon crafting system.

According to the developers, all the zombies are being rendered in real-time on the fly and is not intended to be a shortcut or a trick of smoke and mirrors as many objects are being rendered on the fly which gives this game an even more impressive outlook as far as tech is concerned which brings me to my own opinion and many I’m sure who were impressed with the gameplay demo at E3 2016.


Days Gone brings a sense of Dread and do or die gameplay reminiscent of movies such as World War Z. There also appears to be a weapon crafting system where players get to synthesize the tools they are given to get them out of sticky situations meaning a whole hoard of zombies.


An impressive showing to say the least which makes quickly makes it one of the more exciting titles heading out of E3. Can’t wait for more details to be known about Days Gone as I’m sure we shall know more in the coming months