E3 2016

Halo 6 likely to come on Windows 10

There is some good news for Halo fans and PC community, Halo 6 will most likely be coming to Windows 10. The name for the next Halo hasn’t been decided or revealed so let’s just call it Halo 6 for now.

What’s interesting to note is that Halo 5’s Forge level creation tool is coming to PC for free but PC players won’t be getting Halo 5 which is a little disappointing.

Microsoft has definitely decided to spread the Xbox One love on to the PC, at this year’s press conference at E3 Microsoft announced many big titles coming to Xbox One which will also be released for the PC, tittles include Gears of War 4 and Forza 3.

It’s good to know that Microsoft is focusing on cross platform gameplay and providing gaming titles for PC players on the Windows 10 where one would have had to buy an Xbox One to play now both Xbox and PC players can play together hopefully sometime in the near future.

This could result in Xbox One titles which were exclusive to the console to head on over to the PC as well, making them Xbox One and PC exclusives but there is still a possibility to keeping a few titles as exclusive for the Xbox like Sony has exclusives of its own.

Having Halo 6 releasing on the PC as well is still speculation so far, but while talking to PCgamer the head of Xbox Phil Spencer has mentioned that all future Forza games will be coming to Windows and indicating that there is nothing stopping the next Halo to come on the PC as well. The idea of cross platform gameplay by Microsoft can bring more game titles to the PC and can lead to more popularity on behalf of the Xbox One.