E3 2016

Sony’s answer to the threat of gamers jumping ship to the PC

Sony’s Decision to release a souped up PS4 code-named the PS4 NEO is a result of the Japanese electronic giant’s fears of potentially losing customers to the high end PC as Sony would rather understandably have gamer’s within their own Ecosystem. PC gamer’s routinely enjoy higher frame-rates and higher, more detailed resolutions in contrast to their console counterparts it is believed so it is understandable why Sony would feel the need to release a mid-cycle update to exist along the current and already graphically capable PS4.


photo credit goes to IGN As you can see, consoles are almost on par with the Pc but still has a ways to go

The PS4 Neo’s better graphics should likely help persuade current gamer’s from jumping ship although like I said, the PS4 is perfect capable given the likes of Uncharted 4 and with what was shown at E3 2016.with games like the new God of war and Horizon zero dawn in the pipeline, it’s a bit surprising although not unheard of why Sony would even think about going this route just like Microsoft has apparently with its new mid cycle refresh of the XBOX code-named Scorpio. Now I wonder, even though I stick to consoles even though I own a reasonably capable PC,I just don’t see why other gamer’s can do the same thing, I mean that’s what gaming is all about right? The more the merrier.