E3 2016

The Division : new expansions shown at E3

Ubisoft did have a lot to offer this E3 but what was noteworthy was the support for its popular game The Division with new updates heading towards players soon.

Ubisoft Highlighted the Divisions future during its E3 conference and was keen to provide content that will enhance the players experience and the way they play the game.

The first expansion named Underground will hit Xbox one and PC players first on 28th June marking the 30 year Anniversary of Ubisoft where PS4 players can expect the first expansion on 2nd August, the first expansion Underground trailer was shown at E3.

There is a time exclusive deal with Ubisoft and Microsoft and all expansions will launch first on PC and Xbox One.

Ubisoft also went ahead to show the teaser trailer for its next expansion after Underground called Survival stating that this expansion will take on different tactics and playstyle providing its players with different types of missions saying it will be a new approach on how players will play the game.

The Division Survival’s release date was not announced but we can expect that expansion to hit somewhere around the end of summer. Survival is the second last expansion planned where The Last Stand is the last expansion which is set to be released this winter.

It is also uncertain if Ubisoft will give these expansions for free like the first one named Conflict, but all these expansions are deemed paid content currently.