E3 2016

Kojima Returns with disturbing New Game Death Stranding

After a falling out with long time partners and developers Konami, the legendary creator of the Metal Gear Solid franchise Hideo Kojima is back with a teaser of his new game Death Stranding starring The Walking Dead star Norman Reedus.

Hideo Kojima is known as an icon in the gaming industry and his departure from Konami came under mysterious circumstances and later went on the create his own studio named Kojima productions which is now partnered with Sony. As Kojima walked up to the stage at this years E3 stating that he’s “back” that’s something fans didn’t expect.

Death Standing Norman Reedus

The Teaser trailer for his latest venture Death Stranding stars Norman Reedus better known for his role as Daryl in The Walking Dead, it was previously seen that Reedus was Kojima’s choice of protagonist for his project Silent Hill which was cancelled.


The trailer from Death Stranding takes on a more mysterious type of story line unlike previous Kojima projects such as the technology driven Metal Gear Solid. The trailer reveals Reedus being apparently washed ashore on a beach covered in what looks like oil, the creepy factor begins when the viewer notices a baby with headphones attached to it’s belly button only to have the baby disappear a few moments later.

The hand prints emerging on Reedus gives us insight that indeed this could be a horry/thriller game and may have some aspects from the cancelled Silent Hill game.

Kojima’s return was well acknowledge at E3 and fans cannot wait what Death Stranding may intale for gamers which seems to be an exclusive title for the PlayStation 4, one things for sure our creepy expectations meter is really high at this point.