E3 2016

Xbox One Scorpio Ultra Gaming/VR Revealed

The rumors and the hype alike trailed through E3 with all the leaks and anticipation because well everyone saw this one coming, as news was already over the internet of a new console in the works by Microsoft and alas at the end of Microsoft’s E3 conference they officially announced the Xbox One Scorpio.

Microsoft executive Phil Spencer finally revealed the new model and confirmed the rumors. Although not much information was given and can be taken as just a taste of what’s to come, Microsoft’s focus was on 4K Ultra and 6K Tera-flops of gaming with a 8 core processor with over 320 GB/sec of Bandwidth memory.

During the E3 video showcase of the Xbox One Scorpio the developers also focused on “fully uncompressed pixels” also stating the console will provide constant 60fps.

This is the next step by Microsoft because of the emerging VR market where the Xbox One Scorpio will have VR capabilities.

What is interesting to note is that all games and accessories will be compatible with the previous versions of the Xbox one. Yes we’re going to say Previous Versions now.

The Xbox One Scorpio is set to release sometime around 2017 but the price hasn’t been disclosed yet.

Check out the E3 Reveal trailer: