Live Lock Gameplay trailer and impression

The top down shooter Live Lock coming to the PS4, Xbox One and PC end of this year.

Playing as robots is always fun, be it mechs or any other cybernetic being it just relives to good old terminator game on Sega for me, Live Lock looks like being a badass Robot slaying everything in your path kind of cooperative game.

Currently you can chose from three different characters or robots with their own unique abilities and moves. Top down shooters can be fun with one of our favourites being the Dawn of War franchise.

The graphics compared to the genre are as expected and if you actually expect or compare top down shooter graphics to first or third person games well, that’s kind of irrelevant and basically do not apply but the lighting effect sure looks beautiful here.

live lock

Live Lock has great detail in its graphics though, the lighting and movement effects look clean and visually attractive also having a destructible environment so you can just push through building and enemies just for fun.

The game follows a cooperative playstyle with a team consisting of 3 players with a few choices of weapons, characters and abilities and the choices really are a few but with any cooperative game the abilities and weapons selection for each member of the team does contribute to overall gameplay.

Live lock does rely on strategy and teamwork and there is also a solo mode in the game for solo players.

Live lock is set to release sometime at the end of this year for the PS4, Xbox One and PC. The top down shooter should provide players with a good teamwork based game and we’re looking forward to playing it check out the gameplay trailer below.

Xbox One Slim multiple model details

Many reveals are heading the public’s way be it through official sources or well just leaks, something we won’t understand is Microsoft’s reveal of a Xbox One slim and a more powerful Xbox One Scorpio at the same time but surprisingly both look good and should be worth the wait.

The Xbox One Slim is set to launch somewhere around August this year starting at $299.99 being the 500GB edition being the cheapest from the slim lot. The slightly bigger hard drive version of 1TB will be available for $349 and the maximum hard drive of 2TB will be somewhere around $399.

Everything shown by Microsoft in regards to the Xbox One Slim is relatively the same from the regular Xbox One with just some attention to detail and some minor changes. The Xbox One Slim will reportedly be more cooler on the CPU and will be 40% smaller then the original Xbox One.

The best part is the integrated power brick, which will be inside the console. yes, finally.

The Xbox One controller is also getting a slight revamp in the design department with better Bluetooth range and connectivity including better grip design.

Pre-oders have started on Amazon of the 500 GB version and the 2TB version.

Xbox One S trailer at E3:


Xbox One Scorpio Ultra Gaming/VR Revealed

The rumors and the hype alike trailed through E3 with all the leaks and anticipation because well everyone saw this one coming, as news was already over the internet of a new console in the works by Microsoft and alas at the end of Microsoft’s E3 conference they officially announced the Xbox One Scorpio.

Microsoft executive Phil Spencer finally revealed the new model and confirmed the rumors. Although not much information was given and can be taken as just a taste of what’s to come, Microsoft’s focus was on 4K Ultra and 6K Tera-flops of gaming with a 8 core processor with over 320 GB/sec of Bandwidth memory.

During the E3 video showcase of the Xbox One Scorpio the developers also focused on “fully uncompressed pixels” also stating the console will provide constant 60fps.

This is the next step by Microsoft because of the emerging VR market where the Xbox One Scorpio will have VR capabilities.

What is interesting to note is that all games and accessories will be compatible with the previous versions of the Xbox one. Yes we’re going to say Previous Versions now.

The Xbox One Scorpio is set to release sometime around 2017 but the price hasn’t been disclosed yet.

Check out the E3 Reveal trailer:

Microsoft Xbox Slim reveal leaked

The long rumored Microsoft Xbox slim has been possibly leaked ahead of its much anticipated reveal at Microsoft’s press conference at E3 2016 according to The new slimmed down model as evident in the leaked presser which bears the slogan of sleeker, slimmer and sharper is apparently 40% smaller than its beefier older brother as well as including a 2 TB hard drive and the capability of 4k Ultra HD video plus High Dynamic Range.


It is not known at this time whether the console will be available in a color other than white but its safe to say it will and we shall know more concrete details about the release date and pricing as E3 2016 rolls on and Microsoft’s press conference is under way.

PS4 Sales Surpass 40 million amidst reports of a new Xbox one

Sony Interactive Entertainment has announced today that the sales of its flagship games console has amassed 40 million units sold as of May 2016 which is not surprising given the recent release of Uncharted 4 which itself had amassed more than 2.7 million copies sold worldwide and other hotly anticipated titles such as Horizon Zero Dawn and others currently slated for 2016 and beyond. The Electronics giant from the land of the rising sun had sold 35.9 million units as of this past January and is aiming for another 20 million units by the end of its fiscal year, March 2017. The news comes amidst the reports of a new Xbox one mini or slim model which is slated for the fall of 2016 with a larger capacity hard drive and an even more powerful revision of the Xbox one code-named Scorpio which is slated for 2017. The recent sales win by Sony with regards to the PS4 can also be attributed to the success of specially themed consoles by the gaming Juggernaut such as the limited edition Uncharted 4 bundle featuring a custom gray-blue console, a matching dual shock 4 controller and a copy of the hit game itself.



Although Sony has its own upgraded revision to the wildly popular PS4 code-named PS4 Neo in the pipeline, with support for PS VR and 4K capability, The Baseline PS4 has proven that, with the likes of the graphically splendid Uncharted 4, other announced and yet to be announced games and with this recent sales win, has plenty of gas left in the tank, and let’s not forget about what E3 has in store for us come next month.