Live Lock Gameplay trailer and impression

The top down shooter Live Lock coming to the PS4, Xbox One and PC end of this year.

Playing as robots is always fun, be it mechs or any other cybernetic being it just relives to good old terminator game on Sega for me, Live Lock looks like being a badass Robot slaying everything in your path kind of cooperative game.

Currently you can chose from three different characters or robots with their own unique abilities and moves. Top down shooters can be fun with one of our favourites being the Dawn of War franchise.

The graphics compared to the genre are as expected and if you actually expect or compare top down shooter graphics to first or third person games well, that’s kind of irrelevant and basically do not apply but the lighting effect sure looks beautiful here.

live lock

Live Lock has great detail in its graphics though, the lighting and movement effects look clean and visually attractive also having a destructible environment so you can just push through building and enemies just for fun.

The game follows a cooperative playstyle with a team consisting of 3 players with a few choices of weapons, characters and abilities and the choices really are a few but with any cooperative game the abilities and weapons selection for each member of the team does contribute to overall gameplay.

Live lock does rely on strategy and teamwork and there is also a solo mode in the game for solo players.

Live lock is set to release sometime at the end of this year for the PS4, Xbox One and PC. The top down shooter should provide players with a good teamwork based game and we’re looking forward to playing it check out the gameplay trailer below.