PS4 Sales Surpass 40 million amidst reports of a new Xbox one

Sony Interactive Entertainment has announced today that the sales of its flagship games console has amassed 40 million units sold as of May 2016 which is not surprising given the recent release of Uncharted 4 which itself had amassed more than 2.7 million copies sold worldwide and other hotly anticipated titles such as Horizon Zero Dawn and others currently slated for 2016 and beyond. The Electronics giant from the land of the rising sun had sold 35.9 million units as of this past January and is aiming for another 20 million units by the end of its fiscal year, March 2017. The news comes amidst the reports of a new Xbox one mini or slim model which is slated for the fall of 2016 with a larger capacity hard drive and an even more powerful revision of the Xbox one code-named Scorpio which is slated for 2017. The recent sales win by Sony with regards to the PS4 can also be attributed to the success of specially themed consoles by the gaming Juggernaut such as the limited edition Uncharted 4 bundle featuring a custom gray-blue console, a matching dual shock 4 controller and a copy of the hit game itself.



Although Sony has its own upgraded revision to the wildly popular PS4 code-named PS4 Neo in the pipeline, with support for PS VR and 4K capability, The Baseline PS4 has proven that, with the likes of the graphically splendid Uncharted 4, other announced and yet to be announced games and with this recent sales win, has plenty of gas left in the tank, and let’s not forget about what E3 has in store for us come next month.