E3 2016

Quake Champions

Quuuuuuaaaaaaaaake is back. HELL YEAH.  And this time around with unlocked framrates and a major focus on playability in the multiplayer arena.

Quake has an Awesome History. From the Quake Marine movement against the stroggs, from Billowing down hellish corridors to fighting the strogg on their own homeworld. Quake has been a great game over the years, a constant “fix” when it comes to good framerates, good gameplay, and even better multiplayer action. I love quake.

I have a Quake Tatoo. No, really.

Quake turns out to be more for the hardcore fps gamer. It’s has a lot to do with Gaming in High Framerates, even better environments, and the hair on your arms standing when it comes to the QUAD damage sound effect. Imagine if something like quad-damage existed in real life. THAT’s a LOT of damage. Yup. Quad Damage.

For The average gamer, a lot of people don’t understand the history of Quake. An EarthQuake happened, revealed a portal, and Marines that go through that portal, who are enabled to fight during earthquakes, well, aptly get named Quake Marines. The Enemy on the other side of the portal are stroggs. (something like the Borg race from STAR TREK, except they seem a little bit more gory.)

So the Stroggs decided to invade earth space, and the Colonies of Earth. When earth started colonizing elsewhere. And Thusly, the story ensues.

Quake Champions, by the looks of it, and it’s initial announcement, seems to take after Quake 3 Arena. That might be a little confusing, but makes sense in some weird way. Quake 3 arena was totally multiplayer, with single player available as a series of challenges against other Quake Champions. And then Quake 4 when it came out had an appropriate single player campaign. Quake Champions looks like it’s following the Quake 3 Arena outlook to much things. It’s a little disappointing. I was hoping and yes, I sat here and every once in a while I would ponder, “when is the new QUAKE game coming out?”

especially after I got myself a Quake Tatoo.

But like I was saying, I was hoping Quake Champions would have a single player campaign. The E3 reveal initially states it does not, but lets hope for the best.

Quake Champions may have a single player campaign, or it might not, but when it comes to good gameplay and high framerates (and this new ID-engine isn’t that bad either, considering what it’s doing with DOOM and something about taking the world by a hellish storm,) and is definitely going to offer great entertainment, and competition to the gamer populace. It’s too soon to tell if quake has a single player campaign, but one can only hope that it does. RELEASE Date still not confirmed, but I’ll write more as information gets out.

And Yes, I take Quake Seriously. I have a Quake Tatoo.