E3 2016

ReCore first gameplay images Leaked

ReCore is an exclusive upcoming title by Microsoft Studios set to launch for the Xbox one and on Windows for the PC as an action adventure title having its release date leaked which has been set for September 13 2016 according to a post on NeoGAF.

The game was set to release earlier in Spring in 2016, but was set back to later date which has been leaked.

Just hours before Microsoft’s press conference which is rumoured to show ReCore’s gameplay footage and screenshots including the release date.

The First image released by the user Gwyn on NeoGAF shows the first game play image from the game, apparently taken from the ReCore gameplay footage which will be shown In Microsofts press conference stated by the user.

Image : User Gwyn at NeoGAF

The offical game play footage is said to be revealed on Microsofts Press conference at E3.

Incase you missed to Announcement Trailer at E3 2015 Here it is


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