E3 2016

New Dead Rising 4 Screenshots leaked

Everything seems to be leaking this E3 be it trailers, screenshots and heavy hitting gaming news including Dead Rising 4 screenshots which aren’t far behind and look cool as hell.

Dead Rising 3 was a popular choice among gamers for its kill zombies with anything attitude which was an Xbox One exclusive back in 2013 also being one of its launch titles and was also came on the Windows for PC. Just like its predecessor, game deveoplor Capcom seems to have the same deal with Microsoft for the Xbox One/Windows Platform.

More in-game screen shots of Dead Rising 4 have emerged but Capcom does plan to reveal gameplay footage and images in their press conference at E3 and it is also rumoured that Capcom may adapt the Unreal 4 Engine for this Dead Rising because of its partnership with Epic Games.


Dead Rising 4 is aiming to revamp its style from the earlier game and some may claim it as a reboot having more diverse Co-op action and better online interactions.



Whats interesting to see from this last screenshot is the inclusion of what looks like power armor and actual special abilities which may lead to fun filled experience.

Dead Rising 4 is currently under production by Capcom Vancouver and is rumored to be exclusive for the Xbox One Console including the Windows PC platform.