E3 2016

Dishonored 2 impresses in first gameplay trailer box art and Collector’s edition revealed

Dishonored 2 was revealed in all its glory at E3 2016 by Bethesda at its press conference with the first ever gameplay trailer of its hotly anticipated title for the fall including its box art for the standard and collectors editions of the game for PS4, XBOX ONE and PC. You can check out the gameplay trailer below as well as the box art for both standard and Collector’s edition of the game.







Dishonored 2 PS4, Xbox, PC - Stiched By Shiraz afzal

As you can see, the standard edition of the game showcases some cool cover art featuring Corvo and Emily and of course includes just the base game but the Collector’s edition is on a whole different level of cool as you can see below.


Dishonored 2 assassins pack

The Collector’s edition includes Corvo’s mask, Emily’s ring, a propaganda poster as well as a special box plus the Digital imperial Assassins pack and a digital copy of Dishonored definitive edition.

The game is currently scheduled to release on November 11th 2016 for PS4, XBOX ONE and PC.