New Dual shock 4 incoming? Sony patent’s Trademark

It has been uncovered by a user named kyoufo on the Neogaf forums through documents from ip force.jp that Sony appears to be working on a new iteration of Dual shock 4, the controller for the PS4 that itself is on its 4th iteration and has been widely regarded as one of the best controllers of all time.

Considering that the new controller has a few more additional buttons it would highly suggest it has something to do with the PS4 Neo, the mid-cycle refresh of the current PS4 slated for fall 2016.It could be reminiscent of Microsoft’s own Elite controller for the XBOX ONE which had addition buttons as well as the ability to modify it on your own, it also had a slightly different directional pad.

The new version of the Dual shock 4 appears to have two new additional buttons placed on the grips of the controller which resemble the Elite controller for the XBOX ONE.

The start and share buttons appear to have moved as well as seen in the diagram below, below the D-pad which is on the left and the buttons situated on the right which remain unchanged from just about every iteration of Dual shock controllers ever.

New dual Shock 4

The new and altered setup could potentially be a relief to more than a few gamer’s who in the heat of the moment have the nasty habit of pausing the game which understandably can get annoying even though it’s something I myself do not have problems with but alas it seems like a welcome idea.

The touch panel in the middle of the controller has been put to good use as far as having more menu options are concerned but widening the touch panel could afford more and more developers to cleverly utilize the option for more than just accessing maps and the like.

It certainly looks like a promising alternative to the existing Dual shock 4 and it would make sense for it to be bundled with the PS4 Neo which could give Sony their own answer to Microsoft’s Elite controller for the Xbox ONE.

Now this doesn’t at all mean that the new Dual shock is confirmed as Sony hasn’t revealed it or said anything about it, perhaps it makes an appearance at Gamescon later this year? We shall see.