Outlast 2 Preview/Teaser Looks Scary

Outlast is one of the best indie horror game in its true survival sense, a mental asylum and a camera Keeping you jumpy throughout.

Red Barrels the developer behind the Outlast games said that Outlast 2 was in the works and could be expected soon and started showing demos at PAX east earlier in 2015.

Outlast became one of the best horror games for streamers on YouTube as the atmosphere and the jumpy creepy things well you catch the drift? Which suddenly come on screen, not to mention the music and its DLC Outlast WhistleBlower.

The Story of Outlast 2 is set in a remote desert town in Arizona and we get to play as Blake Langermann who is a cameraman. The Demo starts with Blake and his wife Lynn investigating the murder of a woman who hasn’t been identified after which blake gets separated from his wife and finds him set stranded while searching for his wife.


The tools and setting is the same with the previous Outlast where you have your trusty camera roaming in a dark near pitch black like atmosphere near a remote town which seems to have an active fanatic cult in the area.

As expected Outlast 2 has supernatural elements and do expect to see horrific enemies who are bound to hunt you down with some extra added gore to make you jump from your seat.


The developers of Outlast 2 have focused on a different setting then the previous game and going to provide players with monstrous enemies at every turn saying the game will push the limits of disgusting and creep players to a maximum.

We can expect the main protagonist to have some more to offer in terms of arsenal other than just a camera which would be relative to new players and previous outlast enthusiasts.

What’s good to know is that Outlast 2 may have a chance to come out on Virtual Reality as well.