E3 2016

NVIDIA vs AMD vs $

Well, these are humbling days. It seems that Nvidia and AMD have both decided to bend over backwards in their own respective ways to bring reasonably priced and insanely powerful graphics cards to the general gamer populace.

Both Cards are VR ready. I put them both in the same category of comparison because they both seem capable of delivering VR performance. As many of you are aware, VR doesn’t work well unless the Frames Per Second streamlines at at least 90 Frames. Anything lower brings a nauseating jitter to the experience.

Personally, I still have not tried a VR headset, except for my Android Phone and a Color Cross (cell phone VR) headset. I have a colorcross, and it seems like a perfectly alright entry-level VR experience. To properly phrase the terminology involved here, it is a decent “try before you buy” headset until you get your hands on the real thing.

Anyways, back to the subject matter. What would I, a regular consumer like any other Gamer out there go for when it comes to the 379 dollar GTX 1070 and the $200 dollar Rx 480? Would I get two RX 480s?

Word has it, and I don’t know if it’s too soon to tell, because the benchmarks look legit, that 2xCrossFire RX 480s beat the GTX 1080. The 1080 is the High End graphics card that NVIDIA revealed to the gamer community and by much is an extremely “good deal” type of card (considering the 1080 is faster than the TITAN line of cards.)

Again, would I go for two CrossFire 480s or one 1070? Gentlemen and gamer-chicks, it comes down to one thing for the average gamer: Money. How much are you willing to drop into the hood of your PC BUILD when it comes to graphics? 400 dollars? 200 dollars? 600?

The way I see it, if you’re going for a 200 dollar investment, then you’re looking at a Low performance arc with the RX 480. But this leaves room for upgradability if you have a CrossFire mainboard.

The other way to look at things, is that if you’ve got a 400 dollar graphics card, the 1070, you’ll still be better off with 2x Rx 480 Graphics cards because hey, they’re faster than the GTX 1080.

So when does a 1080 beat a 1070 and when does a 2x 480 graphics card deliver on basis of graphics  cores to the main memory bus of the CPU…. Wha-? Again, it’s all about money.

IS 1x Rx480 Powerful enough to take on a 1070 at the LEAST? Time will tell.


2X RX 480 is faster than the 1080. Initial benchmarks. ‘nuff said.

And a 1080 is faster than the 1070. But it’s more expensive.

Over all the better deal are 2x rx 480s. IF you can afford a 1070, for 379 dollars, an extra 20 dollars gets you performance that outdoes the GTX 1080. Which is a 600 dollar graphics card.


RX 480 2x CROSSFIRE, incredible amounts o’ the bang for the buck. Go for the RX 480. Just wait a month.

And OMG it’s an excruciating wait. Like myself, everybody is waiting for the graphics card. And I would think it’s worth the wait, especially when I decided to upgrade my graphics card, but luckily heard about the NEW nvidia cards and AMD cards two days later……