New Variatons of Microsoft Xbox one Incoming

Microsoft appears to be readying not one but two new variations of the Xbox One Games Console within the next two years, in what could be a sign of a changing of the times for the console cycle and their answer to the much anticipated Sony’s answer aka the PS4 Neo. In the fall of 2016 we shall see a reportedly smaller variation of Microsoft Xbox one gaming console or the Xbox one slim, and another said to be 4x more powerful than the current Xbox one model and code-named Scorpio tentatively scheduled for some time next year in 2017.

The upgraded Microsoft Xbox one console code-named Scorpio has reportedly been said to feature a more powerful GPU according to multiple sources and according to those same sources who are not allowed to speak publicly about it at this time have reported that it is capable of supporting the Occulus rift and that Microsoft is in talks with them for a possible partnership. As for the more compact and slim model Xbox one rumored for the fall is said to have double the HD space of the current model with a more generous 2 TB hard drive which is double the storage of the current Xbox one games console. It is believed to make an appearance in some way at next month’s briefing at the Electronic Entertainment expo (E3).

These new variations of Microsoft Xbox one form the future of the company’s strategy which is code-named project helix in tandem with Microsoft’s prior commitment to Windows 10 allowing for a more integrated Eco system, so in essence get ready for your favorite Xbox one franchises to also show on the PC Ala the recent quantum break plus sea of thieves and halo wars 2 have also been confirmed for both the Xbox one and PC platforms. As mentioned previously, the changing of the times as you will has not been as widely received with the gaming community who have purchased consoles previously with the main confusion being with how consoles are going the way of the PC, so instead of a fresh hardware cycle with every five years now their shall be small updates within two years, which could become a bit of an identity crises for consoles as those who are into console gaming have always been welcoming to the idea of a fixed platform capable of giving them their gaming needs for the foreseeable future or in other words, five or more so years.

So with the not confirmed or denied upcoming PS4 Neo it seems Microsoft is also joining in on the fun, we shall know more come e3 as to what exactly is in store for gaming, exciting times or not? That’s up to the consumer. I’e you the gamer to decide with your wallets.