E3 2016

Watch Dogs 2 Reveal and Preview

First, lets go back a little to Watchdogs 1. IT was good. It was nice.

Watch dogs, the first installment, a game that was all about hackers and cell phones, custom apps, music while you drive…. Well, it played a little like the GTA series. But it was somewhat unique in it’s own element because of it’s story driven base.

The beginning of watchdogs was plagued with issues. The game, albeit a bumpy launch, turned out into being a decent game overall, again, because of it’s storyline.




Now, watchdogs 2 is slated for release soon. And I would believe is destined to be a major success, only, and only if they stick to their story telling model of gaming. Watchdogs, the original, had a quiet environment, something that immerses you into the game and is pretty fun at the end of the day, making you feel like you’https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hh9x4NqW0Dwre simply “living” your day in the game world.


There’s a couple of editions of watchdogs 2. There’s a collectors edition. There’s a gold edition. Both seem like decent packages, with the collector’s edition releasing with a robot that seems to be cell phone control enabled. That is, you can control that cool looking robot (which looks like an r2 unit from Star Wars) with your cell phone.

There’s a pre order bonus to the entire watchdogs 2 launch. If you preorder, all versions of watchdogs 2 will include a bonus mission on the Zodiac Killer. An event from the 60s that had the police baffled for a while. It seems the killer is back, or is he? The killer? Nobody knows, until the game does come out.

The Gold edition of the game is for $99.99. The season pass is included within the package, and the Deluxe edition costs $69.99. The Regular edition, which is just the game with no addons or extras, costs $59.99.

watchdogs 2 will release on November 15th, 2016 for the PS4,XBOX ONE and PC Platforms.