E3 2016

Prey 2 Revealed at E3

Bethesda is a sure contender to steal the show at this years E3, but what is somewhat sad to know is how all and most of their reveals were already leaked a week ago. Prey 2 has finally been revealed at E3 in the first person category stating it’s revival.

What is interesting to note here is that, Prey 2 will not be a sequel or a remake of the 2006 original Prey, as the developers have now switched to Arkane Studios and Bethesda aiming at a different vision when it comes to Prey 2 stating that it will not be a mission based game and might as well be going in the direction of an open world game where players will be free to explore and pick up missions.

Arkane Studios is said to be providing its players with a male and female protagonist aiming to provide a psychological based thriller.

Intially Prey 2 was under development but got cancelled in 2014, rumours about Prey’s reinvention was in the air and has now been confirmed at E3 with it’s first reveal and gameplay trailer.

The main protagonist shown in the trailer is named Morgan and the game will be centered around 2032. As far as the trailer goes, the first impressions and graphics seem to outstanding and a must wait towards it development.

Prey 2 set to be released somewhere around 2017.