Resident Evil 7 to be writen by western writer

As a first for the Resident Evil series in Franchise history, a western writer is hired to pen the story for Resident Evil 7, the seventh installment in the classic survival horror series by Capcom featuring a new element in the form of VR and now using a First person viewpoint as default due to come out early next year for the PLAYSTATION 4, XBOX ONE and PC.

The writer in question is one Richard Pearsey whose previous credits include writing for Spec Ops the line as well as the First Person Horror shooter named Fear. As Resident Evil 7 was previously announced at E3 2016 at Sony’s press conference, only to sweeten the deal was the fact that a demo for the upcoming game was immediately made available as a PLAYSTATION 4 exclusive on the PLAYSTATION Network.

Resident Evil 7 - 1 Jpglg

Speaking of the demo, various users have already uncovered clues about the game and in one interesting detail it was uncovered that the retail copy of Resident Evil 7 may very well include a demo for the upcoming Resident Evil 2 Remake, a Re-master that fans and myself included have been clamoring for years which was understandably absent in any form at E3 2016.

We shall know more soon but in the meantime, the demo for Resident Evil 7 on the PLAYSTATION Network is pretty sweet and all gamer’s even remotely interested in the Franchise should check it out.