New GTA 5 DLC in the Works

GTA 5 is one of the most successful gaming franchise in history.

The acclaimed and fan favourite developers Rockstar are slowing revealing new details on the new GTA 5 DLC which will come on the Playstation 4 and Xbox One including the PC.

GTA 5 is still going strong in terms of updated content, DLC’s and strong multiplayer experiences with the most recent update by Rockstar named finance and felony being a major success amongst its players other than its other successful content Online Heists.

Rockstar is always keen on providing GTA 5 fans with the best online content which gets updated with new content fairly often, with funfilled crazy experiences and events throughout the year.

The newest update for the game is rumoured to be called cunning stunts and we can expect to see new content such as weapons, vehicles and maps.

Cunning Stunts has been described as another part or maybe an extension of the current Creator Tools within the game for GTA online but that is not certain.

Players and fans alike will have to wait to see what details Rockstar chooses to release.

The newest DLC Cunning Stunts is expected sometime in July this Year.