Red Dead Redemption Sequel being teased : UPDATE :

Rockstar games, the maker of the hit Grand theft Auto series seems to be hinting at the long awaited sequel to its hit open world western Red Dead Redemption by going all red on its Official website and social media accounts.

image courtesy of Rockstar Games

The speculation comes after Rockstar games updated its Official website with a red splash screen, as well as updating the Twitter account of Rockstar games to resemble the same.

from the Official Twitter account of Rockstar games

So could this be Rockstar games teasing something to be revealed soon? Keep it here for more as there is sure to be a follow up to this in the coming days and weeks with the sequel being highly likely now given the red splash screen which kind of makes it obvious but all they need now is to make it Official.

courtesy of Rockstar games

: Update : so it would appear that Rockstar games has posted another image on Twitter which you can see above which all but confirms what appears to be a group of Cowboys appearing out of the Sunset.