Xbox One Outsold Ps4 in September

Xbox One was the best-selling console in the United States in September according to the NDP group as it seems that Sony’s recently launched Slim version of the Ps4 wasn’t enough to stop the Xbox One’s newfound momentum.

The Xbox One S

So this was the third month in a row Microsoft has had an advantage in sales over rival Sony and Nintendo beating out their respective consoles but can Microsoft keep this going as we head into the fall period where the real test for sales come? As the Ps4 has been pretty dominant up to this point.

The Ps4 Slim

The Xbox one’s sudden surge is all due to the slimmer Xbox One which was introduced recently and by more aggressive marketing and price cuts, and after a short while Sony introduced their own slimmed down version of the Ps4 in September but with sales being a little lacking probably due to most gamers eagerly awaiting the beefed up spec Ps4 Pro out in November 2016.