Our quick predictions for E3 2016 and what we hope to see at this year’s event

The Electronic Entertainment Expo or e3 for short which takes place on june 14th to the 16th of 2016 is a yearly event Dedicated to some of the gaming industry’s finest where such gaming giants such as Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo and developers working on the PC unveil their new wares or hotly anticipated new games providing a fresh look or dropping the price of its hardware, a time where every gamer worth his joypad waits for the exciting new unveilings or generally get an idea of where the industry is headed for in the coming year. These are our predictions or at the very least, what we hope to see during this event.

3. PlayStation VR unveils its First Party lineup



Whether or not the fact that the PlayStation 4 Neo is simply being introduced as a gateway for the PlayStation VR is still under debate but there is no denying that this could be a very big year for Sony’s foray into the realm of virtual reality and the gaming community needs to know the first titles they shall be playing for the PlayStation VR this fall.

2. New Installments and release dates revealed for existing franchises




Bloodborne could be getting a sequel, the highest rated PlayStation 4 exclusive thus far, including updated looks at Horizen zero dawn and the Last Guardian and what about Sucker punch’s rumored Spiderman game? Or could it be a new installment in the infamous franchise? Should most likely appear in some form as well as God of war 4 and another installment in the Kill Zone franchise. As for Microsoft who knows what they have up their sleeve? A fresh look at Gears of War 4 perhaps? And other as yet to be revealed new IP’s. Just don’t expect anything on a new Grand theft auto, it’s a ways off perhaps but we still have hope for Red Dead Redemption 2. That combined with the usual fare from existing franchises such as Call of Duty Infinite Warfare, Dishonored 2, Resident Evil 7 and Titanfall 2 and perhaps a first look at Mass Effect Andromeda or the Last of us 2 should make for an interesting e3.


1. New Xbox code-named Scorpio and the PS4 Neo plus existing hardware price drops and the Nintendo NXnintendo-logoBoth Sony and Microsoft are set to unveil their mid-cycle console upgrades despite only being here say for now it’s all but confirmed they’d show up at e3 since in Sony’s case they need to introduce a new more powerful device than the already pretty powerful PlayStation 4 in order to fully take advantage of its forthcoming PlayStation vr headset also set to have a presence at this year’s e3. As for the new Xbox named Scorpio, it all fits into Microsofts new strategy of integrating both windows 10 and Xbox platforms into their core business, so all we know right now is that they will make an appearance in some form or another or both consoles could merely be slim versions of their respective consoles, guess not much time left before we find out and oh, both the baseline Xbox one and PlayStation 4 consoles could be getting a price drop in the future. Plus since Nintendo has booked a lot of floor space for its E3 presence, it wouldn’t be amiss to get a first look at the new Nintendo NX console.

E3 takes place on June 14th to the 16th of 2016.