Microsoft slow and steady Wins the Race or Not?

It takes Microsoft a year to catch up to Sony’s 20 million.

The PS4 vs XBOX One Sales War Appears to be turning One sided as far as Victory though Retail is concerned.
According to the predictions of various analysts, the ps4 might be heading towards 69 million sold around 2019, while Microsoft has just recently touched 20 million sold.
What is interesting is the money Microsoft Is spending on promotions for its XBOX one console through various retailors such as TOYS R US, GAMESTOP and WALL MART amongst others while Sony has not spent nearly as much on the ps4 which is understandable as its already selling like hotcakes.
Alas who knows how long if ever Microsoft can catch up to the sales juggernaut that has been the ps4 despite its limited marketing and more word of mouth.