Doom – Initial Thoughts and Review

Running on a 750 GTX for the Initial Review, I’m pulling framerates of FPS 30+ at the least, With medium settings. that isn’t bad, not bad at all.

Its good to see how the new doom engine is customized apparently good enough to support older graphics cards. Looking how the game looks just as great on the medium level of settings and is definitely playable, I can’t wait to see it in action on a higher graphics card.

Doom – Fight Like Hell.

This game is full of blood and gore, gut wrenching action albeit a little quiet during the first level (there’s not enough talk, except point, shoot, make-a-demon-scream-to-death as they approach.. Well.. death, you get the point right?.

Just as it’s predecessor, DOOM is set on Mars. Mars’ reddish outlook gives you feeling of what all gamers are accustomed to namely, the look and feel of hell itself. Yup, we’re all headed there for playing this game no doubt about that. I’ll shut up now and continue but seriously Doom 4 is created with a flow of gameplay in mind that might reek of a little bit of the modern gamer. It isn’t quite as easy as picking up a gun and shooting away anymore but more of a gameplay style that reflects carefully outfitting your guns with upgrades, upgrading your Preator Suit, and getting other such upgrades for your character as you go along. Now, with that being said, yes you have to find a quiet corner every once in a while (the way I see fit and like doing, even though the game pauses for such actions) to outfit your character to a higher level.

Considering I’ve only finished the first map, and played the game for a total of an approximate 70 minutes, I feel the game’s single player is great and fun to play. Only because the framerates look really smooth, and the way the gameplay flows is also fluid in it’s rendition from level to level. As for the story, I’m not mindful. It’s good, it’s a story, All stories are good right? Most stories are worth telling about and only some stories really stand out, this one has potential to stand out.


Multiplayer DOOM

– THIS IS DEFINITELY NOT and I repeat, NOT like the beta. The gameplay does seem smoother a lot more fluid (because of the advanced setting customization options) and alot better than what the beta looked and felt like. There are a few bugs however that do need to be ironed out like any top AAA titles these days and that there is potential the multiplayer deathmatch to become way better than what most people primarily thought it out to be during the beta. Multiplayer in general is fun.

Ona personal level so far i’ll give this game at least a 4.7 for single player out of 5. For the INITIAL review. And a 3.5 out of 5 for it’s multiplayer. The Final Review will be incoming soon.