PS4 to have a 14 nm CPU?

PS4.5 or neo as it is codenamed is rumored to be based on a 14 nm processor and the Polaris Graphics card according to VRworld
AMD revealed its future business strategy recently involving a new semi-custom business in the 2nd half of 2016.
If first glances are to be believed it was mistaken to be for Nintendo’s long rumored NX console but which is also in the pipelines by AMD as with previous consoles like the largely deemed failure that is the Wii U but in this case it was actually for another company, Sony and its future PlayStation products, mainly the Polaris GPU which Is said to be a big deal according to AMD’s Roy Taylor

Personally I find the prospect of an upgraded PlayStation exciting if only for the supposed 14 nm CPU which would ensure the console operates as cool as possible similar to the later iterations of the PS3 slim models, still, on the other side of the fence I believe releasing a console so soon could damper plans for the inevitable PS5 besides consoles are not supposed to PC’s, now of course not in the traditional sense but we shall see where all this leads to come may at E3.