Are Current Virtual Reality Products Safe?

Alright. Stop the presses. Who goes there? Alright, more carefully worded: what the @#$ is happening to our Planet Earth? What is going on with the infrastructure that defines our morality, rules, education, our system, our “civilization?” everything is awry, or collapsing.

When did the oculus rift, and the htc vive clear the authority that determines if a product is clear and safe for general use by the public? When did the planet accept this as some sort of aphrodisiac for their boring humdrum lives? With a little thought, and concern, it’s not too difficult to derive a theory from the recent oculus release. It would seem that the oculus and the vive are definitely not safe products.

How am I going about making such a wild claim? Who am I? where do I live??? Well, don’t look me up, or send me hate mail, but I do honestly believe that somebody is lying to the general populace of earth.

You see, Virtual Reality is a concept where a new reality exists over this one.  Oculus and rift should be termed total immersion devices. As how reality altering drugs and enhancers and LSDs work. They alter our reality. And hence should be deemed illegal.

Also, it would seem that the Oculus and Vive distort our eyes’ ability to perceive. It’s like wearing your parents or uncles’ glasses. How well can you see through them. Also it depends on your eyes ability to focus. “Don’t sit to close to that TV! You’ll end up wearing glasses!”

Ever since I started watching reviews of the oculus and vive with such great anticipation, I have noticed, that in every demo, trial and/or review of the said devices, the user has always reemerged with bloodshot eyes. That in itself is evidence that the rift and the vive are causing great damage to their eyes. Again, it’s like wearing somebody’s glasses, or sitting too close to the TV. Literally.

I’m not raising a political protest. I am not suing anybody. But I would like to raise awareness of these devices because I honestly don’t believe they’re safe.