4 Reasons why every PS4 owner should Experience Uncharted 4

Nathan Drake is no Stranger to Those familiar with the 1st 3 Uncharted games on the PlayStation 3 or the Remastered editions on the PS4.
The Lara croftish, treasure hunting, bullet dodging male Tomb Raider. He’s about as endearing as any character in the history of videogames even if at first he was thought nothing more as a cheap homage to Indiana jones. Nathan drake and the rest of the beloved cast of characters such as Elena and Sully. The Nathan Drake saga was one of the main reasons of owning a Sony console back when these games were released and now with uncharted 4 as the final instalment, this series is going out with a Bang. So lets take a look at why this game deserves to be in the Collection of every PS4 owner.



The PlayStation 4 is certainly the most powerful console on the market right now that is until the rumored ps4 Neo makes an appearance but that’s another story for another time, what sets this game apart from many others is the fact that its technically astounding and one of the most beautiful games ever created, giving even the order 1886 and until dawn a run for their money. The terrific scenery and highly detailed models of the cast are expertly rendered than just about any other game in recent memory, in other words mind blowing

2. IT’s like an Action Movie


Uncharted 4 doesn’t disappoint when the bullets are flying and the cars are blowing up just like any other summer movie blockbuster, filled with clever one liners and amazing set pieces which is all so seamless you would think you were watching a movie rather than playing an amazingly interactive piece of entertainment. It’s packed to the rafters with epic adventure from car chases to exploding ships to gunfights to just barely escaping from collapsing buildings.

3. The Gunplay Mechanics are much improved


Earlier Uncharted games had a bit of a wonky shooting scheme that never quite matched up to all the exploring and puzzle solving, thankfully in Uncharted 4 it seems to be better than ever with the character of Nathan drake feeling more grounded and weighty rather than floaty like in previous games.

4. It’s a Fitting Final bow for Nathan drake


Uncharted 4 outshines all the previous entries in the Uncharted franchise in the graphics, story, mechanics and gameplay dept and is a worthy conclusion to the story of Nathan drake with the nicely done Storytelling and gameplay which no PS4 owner or Potential PS4 owner should be without, in other words it should be experienced by every PS4 owner or anybody interested in videogames for that matter.