Info on Weapons crafting and hunting revealed for PS4 exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn

Today on Twitter Mathijs de Jonge of guerilla games revealed more info on PS4 exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn as well as two new screenshots of the hotly anticipated game. He revealed info about the mechanical dinosaurs and how they can be a bit on the dangerous side especially when corrupted as seen in the gameplay demo from E3 2016 as for the tribes throughout the game, they live in relatively peaceful settlements out of necessity as the mechanical dinosaurs are considered too dangerous as they are the more dominant species in the game.


You will also be able to hunt in the game for weapons, food and trading according to the game director Mathijs de Jonge. There is also expected to be wildlife in the game like rabbits, boars and fish just to name a few.

Horizon Zero Dawn -1-1

Horizon Zero Dawn certainly looks interesting with every new detail that gets revealed so, enjoy the two new screenshots and keep it here for more info in the weeks and months to come as we look forward to this hotly anticipated PS4 exclusive.