Ghost Recon Wildlands First Walkthrough

Ghost Recon games have been one of the finest games but with the Division and Siege will Ghost Recon Wildlands live up to the hype?

At the inception of Ghost Recon games they were true warlike scenarios where players had to think before they act and like in real life just one should could make the kill.

Over the years Ghost Recon games have somewhat changed becoming more futuristic especially after Ubisoft bought out the franchise. Many of Ghost Recon’s games now focus on the future, that aspect was nice as well but in our opinion the who Rainbox Six feel cannot be forgotten. future based editions such as Ghost Recon Future Solider and now the Division can be deemed fun to play, but the issues with the Division are set on the backburner, and Wildlands also feels like another version of the Divsion as it’s also going to focus on open world play.

With the announcement of Ghost Recon Wildlands at E3, fans are a little sceptical especially after The Division where there is a love and hate situation check out the Wildlands gameplay walkthrough below.

The vision for Ghost Recon Wildlands by Ubisoft is to provide an open free to roam world in this one, and yes it removes the whole concept of Ghost Recon as a whole but no one can really say until the game actually comes out or goes into Beta.

Ubisoft might as well should’ve just called the game Wildlands.