How to Quit Smoking

Smoking tobacco has got to be one of the most addictive and destructive habits one can obtain. To quit smoking even if you are a teen who’s just started or a lifelong pack smoker it is not an easy task to quit but it can be done with determination, will power and a game plan for the long haul.

To quit smoking is a process, where you should understand the options you have available to help with this process, having the mind set to quit is extremely important and with that a solid game plan. Smoking tobacco is a physical and psychological addiction where the nicotine in cigarettes provides a temporary high and is the main reason for the addiction.

Developing behaviours which associate with smoking over time is also an issue in relation to the addiction from psychological factors, we begin associating things in our daily routine with smoking. Such as having coffee with cigarettes, or alcohol and having a cigarette after every meal becoming rituals in our daily lives.

The addictive value of nicotine on the brain cannot be ignored because nicotine is a feel good high for the brain it becomes important for us to have our daily fix, But if you make and stick to a game plan it should be only a matter of time before you kick the habit. Here are tips on how to kick it.

Going Cold turkey

Almost every person who thinks about quitting thinks that going cold turkey is the best option, well it is to a certain exetent as 90% individuals who go cold turkey end up quitting smoking for longer periods of time. But one has to understand the level of addiction and should ask him/her self if outside help such as medicine is not needed to help with the process because individuals who go cold turkey end up picking up the habit again after a period of time.

Using supplements

There are a lot of options for smokers to get their nicotine fix from elsewhere  such as nicotine gums, vapours and patches but they’re never like the real thing because that’s what they’re supposed to act as, supplements only to give some nicotine to the body to reduce withdrawal symptoms. Where patches and gum’s work for some people but most individuals end up picking up the habit again. New medicines such as Chantix can be beneficial for some and not for others for quitting the habit where majority of people have found Chantix to be helpful and nicotin gum works for others where as the debate for the disadvantages or benefits of E-ciggarettes are still open.



Avoid Triggers

For the initial stages of quitting its best to avoid triggers where you might want to have a cigarette for at least a week, triggers include alcohol and caffeine. It is best to let your family and friends know that you are qutting smoking so they don’t smoke or mention it in front of you and to be respectful of your decision.



Dealing with Withdrawal

Nicotine Withdrawal can be intense for the first few days, causing bouts of anger and lack of focus. When you have decided to quit it’s best to reduce workload and stress, as withdrawal can cause lack of mental focus and can take up to weeks for the brain to become its normal self. When craving hits its best to distract yourself or go for a walk or run. Exercising is your friend during the process as it helps to flush out the nicotine faster.

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