The Face of Kojima Productions new Mascot is finally revealed

Kojima productions new mascot named ludens has finally been given a face, according to GameSpot who received the image recently showing off the mascots face accompanied by the catchphrase, “I’ll keep coming “.


The more updated and partial reveal of Ludens, Kojima productions new mascot


The image reveals the face of the mascot although partially and it is unknown at this time whether the character will feature in Kojima productions new game for PlayStation 4 and pc platforms.
According to Kojima productions producer ken-ichiro when the first full bodied image for ludens was revealed in May, he stated that the image was not in any way part of the game they are working on even though he later clarified that it was indeed a screenshot meanwhile Metal gear solid creator and new studio head Hideo kojima teased that the game would appeal to fans of both uncharted 4 and the division and is slated to be an action game.

The first full bodied image of Ludens, Kojima productions new mascot was revealed in May


In an earlier tweet, Kojima said, “We’ll deliver THE NEW PLAY in THE NEW FUTURE with the cutting-edge equipment, technology, & the frontier spirit.” but it was not immediately clear if he was referring to his new game.

Kojima has high hopes for his new franchise as he hopes it will lead into other ventures such as manga, comics and action figures. While Kojima is no stranger to trolling the internet gaming community, could it be that this partial face reveal may contain some hidden meaning? A mysterious clue perhaps related to the premise or maybe it’s an early render for the character to feature as the main protagonist? We shall surely find out more soon.