NVIDIA GTX 1060 Review. (Gigabyte G1 Gaming)

So I just bought a 1060 gtx graphics card. The Gigabyte version. Yes, the gaming one. And it’s pretty super-awesome-cool, I gotta tell ya.

for the record:




SO this graphics card I bought for personal use. IT’s for gaming. I had a former 750 GTX I upgraded from. And it turns out that this SACUG graphics card not only just cuts it, it takes the cake. Mulshes it, and leaves an awesome after-taste. It looks good, in your rig, the benchmarks are beyond decent, and yes, I call it my SUPER AWESOME COOL ULTRA GO Card. It’s like a Japanese movie that you just can’t let go of. Or  live down. JUDO CHOP!

So furthermore, here are some benchmarks. SIX GIGABYTES of onboard VIDEO RAM?!?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME? We, apparently, have come a long way from the 1 and 2 gigabyte onboard RAM days, eh? SIX is adequate for ALL the games that are currently out. IF the 1060 is THIS powerful, what does this mean for the gaming industry? What does the future hold? You know that guy that does the voice for the twilight zone like intro? What lurks in the dark tresses of the future that lights up our age? (I just said tresses… oh, fret! Fret fret fret). Hmmmm.



The card sports clocks of

Boost: 1847 Mhz. Base Clock 1620 Mhz in OC mode.

Boost : 1809 Mhz, Base Clock of 1594 in Gaming Mode.

Memory: 8008 Mhz.

Artchitechure: 16nm Processor. Pascal. Huddathunkit? That… erm…. Rascal. Right? Ugh. Continuing on.

Bit Interface: 192 Bit.

PIN : 1x 8 pin connector.

Power supply RECOMMENDED: 400 Watts.


So, that’s a lot. Yup. Wow. Super cool.



With the new graphics cards this year having arrived with 3, 6 and 8 gig configurations, I think the Textures that load up when you launch any game these days just got better. And the clocks on all the graphics cards aren’t bad either. The data push through the BUS, that is. It can handle a lot of thorough-put, a lot of data transfer, and a lot of luvin’ and eye candy.

With all these games, Direct X 12, for example, have exceeded graphics expectations of many a people, in our age. Currently. I, for one, Consider Battlefront (the new one) total candy to the eyes. And this card runs the game beautifully, and without a single hic, or stutter. WOW.

And as the future unfolds, textures sizes are going to be larger, hence you gotta push more through the graphics BUS, but y’know what gets to me? Why 192 bit? Why not 256? And why does this graphics card NOT support SLI? Bummer. It would’ve been really cool if it was SLI compatible.

I predict a change of era for gaming.  Seeing this graphics card is MSRP 200 – 250 dollars, I believe the market and the “game” for developers is going to get a complete overhaul. DOOM @ 200 fps. (palm@jaw) really?

And with the advent of Virtual Reality. Sure, VR needs more work to maintain the 90 fps for a smooth experience. And this graphics does well. Really well.



I personally scored an 8.9 on the VR test…. Y’know, the one with STEAM written all over it. Ah, beloved steam. You gotta love how I now have a cool tick-mark on… where it says vr ready. SEE? THAT COOL.

Here are some benchmarks from the HIGH END graphics card website, that I’m sure you ALL consult before you go dropping cash on graphics cards. Or just to watch when you need that sense and lift-me-up for the day. Oh! Look! My graphics card is better than [x], and it’s just that cool! Siiiiiiiiigh. (of relief.) YES! (and the SUPER-awesome-cool-ultra-go card, the 1060, doesn’t leave much when it comes to get-off material.




Source: http://www.videocardbenchmark.net/high_end_gpus.html



This is the part where the rap breaks down. It’s real intense, no one makes a sound. I’m an emenem ripoff, is the card worth the pound? ( it’s mandatory to be from the UK for this sort of business. If you’re from America, you can’t rap this. Dollars. Geddit?)

So anyway, the price is decent. I bought mine for 389 dollars. This card, was 250 dollars, MSRP. But I reasoned the way that import costs, and them shipping charges would equate the card for the same price, more or less. It’s not bad.



Get the graphics card. This one is worth it for ALL your gaming needs for the next… two, three… even four years. It’s good. It’s future proof. And it’s just that chocolate that melts in your mouth.

I would give this card a 9.4 out of 10. For the theory of how bang relates to buck. WHY!?!!? Where the 0.6 missing out of the perfect 10? There’s no SLI. Ugh. But other than that one factor, this card, and I’m talking about the SUPER-AWESOME-COOL-ULTRA-GO (uhh, the 1060) card, just… plain…. F-ing… rawks.

‘nuff said.