Battlefield 1 Beta Impressions

One of the most anticipated games of this year started its open beta on the 31st of August with a few bumps regarding serve and connectivity issues the response towards the beta has been massive.

Battlefield 1’s main focus was to provide players with a massive multiplayer experience where 64 players can take the field and cause some mayhem in various ways.

That’s what we loved in the beta and Battlefield 1 so far has delivered in its multiplayer beta, from slicing your enemies while riding a horse, riding with teammates on the jeeps and raining machine gun fire, to riding tanks and bombing everything to dust via bomber airplanes.

Battlefield 1 in simple words looks good and is fun to play even on its pre-set low settings for the beta and there were many moments while we played the game where we were somewhat amazed towards the diversity of action in the game, from players parachuting behind you to flank you from snipers all over the place and of course the charging melee kills and not to forget players burning you to a crisp with their flamethowers

Dice also did a great job when it came to setting up servers for the beta around the world, players from every country face low latency averaging in the 50 to 70 ms for many players, which is great at experiencing Battlefield 1 in its fast paced action.

Players who are used to modern shooters will find it a little uneasy to adjust to the non-automatic era of World War 1 but once they do, each kill is worth it and feels skill full.

There were some bugs and that’s to be expected in the beta stages, such as spawning with no weapons and clipping back while trying to leap over an obstacle.

We expect to see many other modes in multiplayer including maps. The maps are made exceptionally well, with the weather system working in full force making you wonder if you should change from a scout to an assault.

I’m sure everyone who has tried the open Beta so far would agree that it’s a really fun game and we can’t wait for the full release.

Is it a good buy? Well if you can adjust to the World War 1 style game mechanics then it surely is. Overall we recommend it.