Doom Update brings back Classic Aiming Style

Doom is one of the best games 2016 has to offer and is probably the most fun game to play right now.

When we say that Doom is probably the most fun game to play this year we aren’t kidding, it’s crazy just as it was expected to be, the gore, the thrills, the executions and a great soundtrack is what makes Doom a definite game of the year contender.

Yesterday I noticed that Doom was scheduled for an update on Steam, I didn’t think much of it until I launched the game, and the developers brought back the classic 90’s centre aim style with this new free update.


This brings nostalgia now when playing the game, and we have no problem with the centre aim feature in the game as opposed to the modern side aiming shooters.

doom classic

The update also brings a cool photo mode feature which is very popular now among the latest games, you can now take photos kicking demonic ass and showing off those visuals to your friends.

The free update is now available on the PC, Xbox One and Playstation 4.