Latest Doom update Removing Saved Games on PC

The latest update for the one of the best possible games of the year Doom which features many fixes in multiplayer and single player alike is removing saved game data from the steam cloud.

The new Doom update for both consoles and PC is supposed to bring the nostalgic factor of the classic Doom to the 2016 version of the game bringing back the center aim style which can be used by players in the options menu but there’s one big problem faced by many steam users.

The problem with this Doom Update on PC  which came out on 30th June is that whoever had the steam synchronization for saved game data on in the steam client may end up losing their saved game data.

There is currently no update if Bethesda plans to release a patch for the fix, there are some work arounds but they don’t really work for the majority, even I fell pray to losing one of my game slots and guess what the nightmare slot is still there so I guess I’ll have to get my ass kicked a lot to finish the game.

The patch is a really good one, but something in it is badly optimized and some suspect an issue from the steam client side, steam has been notorious for such issues in the past and it’s really demoralizing to start the game from scratch, although I wouldn’t mind because the single player is something I can relive several times.

We’re still hoping for a patch fix, because the saved game data is still there in the local games folder. If you have lost your saved games you can try to verify the local game data or cache by right clicking the game and entering properties while clicking the local files tab, hope it works for you.

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