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AJ Styles Turns Heel, What does this mean for the WWE Universe

Some may have seen it coming while other’s may haven’t but it was certainly shocking of which we need more of today in the landscape of professional wrestling. Aj Styles shook the wrestling world when he turned heel on a returning John Cena and re-aligned himself with his former Bullet club stable mates, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson. Aj styles much like John Cena has been a Baby face for almost his entire career only did Aj styles find that Edge so to speak when he left Total Nonstop Wrestling (TNA) and found himself in New Japan Pro Wrestling as the New Leader of its Popular Bullet Club stable in place of a departing Prince Devitt aka Finn balor for WWE NXT.

So there it was, a returning John Cena on Memorial day giving a speech to the crowd, thanking the troops for their support and out comes AJ Styles to confront John Cena. AJ Styles put over John Cena as being a hard working guy but not before he mentioned himself waiting for this moment for a very long time to which John Cena played off to the crowd and said “ by the sound of it, so has everybody else “ the WWE universe was clearly split between John Cena and AJ Styles which was a cool moment seeing these two in the same ring at the same time,something the WWE universe never thought would actually happen, TWO faces of Different Brands squaring off for the first time in a WWE ring.


But out come Gallows and Anderson confronting AJ Styles and proceeding to tell him that he made a mistake not siding with them and that they were there to kick ass not kiss ass and from there it looked lke the fight was on while the crowd went wild only for BAM, Aj styles to attack John Cena from behind with Gallows and Anderson joining in on the assault and the heel turn was complete, what’s funny was how Gallows and Anderson were acting like the peacemakers so to speak holding Aj Styles back from completely decimating John Cena who went in there repeatedly to attack like the Pit-bull he had been marketed as thus far, so what does this bode for the future of AJ Styles and the club? Well for one, AJ Styles needed to turn heel even if some feel it should have come sooner against Roman Reigns at WWE Extreme Rules but since he lost his opportunity to win the WWE championship and lost in a qualifying match for WWE money in the bank against Kevin Owens the next night on Monday night Raw,it made sense for Styles to be pushed over the edge and turn heel plus the fact that the WWE is stacked with Babyfaces right now plus it makes introducing the original Leader of the Bullet club, former NXT Champion Finn Balor into the fold all the more easier.


No doubt many a fan has already dreamt up this scenario, picture this, what if Finn balor shows up on a future edition of Monday Night Raw and confronts AJ Styles over the club he rightfully owns? Or maybe he aligns himself with them for a potential and often teased by balor himself on twitter, the Balor Club? Bulletproof? Too many possibilities but for right now, it is clear they are going for a John Cena vs AJ Styles feud which could take place either at WWE money of the bank on june 19th on the WWE Network, WWE Battleground , or have three bouts capping off this feud with the rubber match taking place at WWE Summerslam in august. My only concern is that they should book AJ Styles going over John Cena because let’s face it, John Cena’s career is winding down and he doesn’t really need the win but Whatever the case may be, this freshens things up a little so imagine the next night on Monday night Raw after Summerslam, Finn Balor makes his long awaited main roster debut, can’t wait.