Xbox One S release – What you need to know

This is the first time the Xbox One is getting a redesign in the form of the Xbox One S which is set to be released on August 2nd all across the world which includes the 500 gb and the 2 TB (limited) versions of the console whereas the 1 TB version of the console will be released by the 23rd of August.

The Xbox One S is designed to be smaller and more compact then the actual Xbox One console and the idea is to provide better heat sink options and most of all it looks way classier to have in the living room.



The new controller also has a sleeker and sturdier design including better range providing more options to move around your new console and the best upgrade towards the new controller is the fact that you won’t require an Xbox controller adapter if you plan on connecting your controller to Windows based systems via Bluetooth.

It’s good to see that Microsoft has finally addressed the issue of the power brick in its previous consoles which was purely external. The Xbox One S has an internal power supply which means no more heavy bricks besides your console.


Higher resolution options are supported by the new console such as 4K resolution but it seems that it isn’t for games and most probably the native resolution will be up scaled depending on your display but the Xbox One S does support 4K resolution for movies and will mostly be activated via the first day patch.

The Xbox One S supports 4K video streaming from sources such as Netflix and YouTube, and also has a built-in 4K Ultra HD Blu-Ray player.

The console’s HDMI 2.0a supports means the console will offer deeper colour space, as well as allow High Dynamic Range (HDR). Deeper blacks and more natural colours are what you’ll expect with Xbox One S if you own a 4K television.

The Xbox One S specs does suggest that the console has better hardware to support HDR gaming but that doesn’t mean that games will look better other than titles which adopt HDR.


Limited Edition Xbox One S version (2TB) – 399 USD

500 GB versions starting from – 299 USD

1 TB version for – 349 USD