US PlayStation network store offering Huge Discounts

There’s something to be happy about this August for all Playstation 4 owners residing in the United States as the PlayStation Network Store is offering huge discounts on major Ubisoft and other titles.

Rainbow Six Siege is down to a cost of only $19.79 with a huge discount of 67% and same goes for Assassin’s Creed Syndicate. Far Cry 4 and Watch Dogs GOLD edition are both priced at $19.99 with major 50% to 60% discounts and Far Cry 4 Primal now costs $35.99 with a 40% discount and Tom Clancy’s The Division is priced at $40.19 with a 33% discount which also receives the latest expansion called Underground on August 2nd for the PlayStation 4.

Playstation Network Store Ubisoft

Bethesda isn’t far behind offering discounts on titles as well with QuakeCon. You can grab a copy of the gruesome and exciting Doom for only $29.99 on a 50% price cut, other titles such as Fall Out 4 is available with the same 50% discount like Doom for only $29.99.

Playstation network Store Bethesda