Will AMD rise to the Top with its new cards?

With the coming of the Radeon Rx 480, RX 470 and now the RX 460 will these cheap and powerful budget cards make Nvidia think about their mid-range cards to be more pocket friendly?

AMD has been focusing its new cards to run on the Polaris Chipset which is great and the RX 460 will most likely be running the Polaris 11 architecture  and is perfect for High res gaming in 1080p with the potential of great performance and may be able to provde medium to high settings.


This card may as well prove to be the perfect choice for casual gamers and may even have the capabilities to run games at high settings and with the new Polaris technology namely the Polaris 11 AMD cards are no longer power hungry reportedly at a TDP of 75 and are reportedly cooler.

AMD announced all of the new chipset RX series at the Electronic gaming Expo (E3) 2016 and the companies main aim is to provide great graphical power with the lowest rates possible. The announcement of the RX 480 was very well welcomed.

The RX 480 will be AMDs version of a mid to high range graphics card, whereas the RX 470 will focus mid-range gamers and the lowest so far will be RX 460 for games requiring minimal settings such as many popular free to play games like Dota or League of Legends and has been deemed as the E-sport gaming card.

Heres the complete line up and speculated specs for the new RX series cards.


AMD RX 460 is rumoured to start at around $99 for the 2GB version, whereas the 4GB version can go up to $130. The RX series is set to release on June 29th.

Credit: WCCFtech